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For these 10 sculpting moves you’ll need a medium-weight medicine ball (try starting with 6 to 8 pounds and go heavier when you can). Bridge with Medicine Ball Squeeze Lie faceup with knees bent and feet flat on floor, heels close to glutes. Place medicine ball between knees and rest hands along sides of body with palms facing up. Feel It: Stretching the hamstrings on the way down and in the glutes on the way up.

Medicine Ball Glute Bridge – 1 Leg. Steps: Lie face up with your arms at your sides, knees bent, and one of your feet on the medicine ball. Bend your knee opposite of the foot on the medicine ball, bring it.

The Best Leg Exercises for Stronger Glutes, Quads, and Hamstrings. Strong legs help prevent injuries, boost athletic performance, and keep you moving easily. Here’s how to. Medicine balls are a fun, powerful way to incorporate high-intensity core training into your workout routine.

As a bonus, their size, shape and weight aid in targeting other parts of the body to give you a full-body burn. So grab a weighted medicine ball. The medicine ball is one of the most versatile workout tools. These ab exercises with a medicine ball will work every inch of your core, as well as your glutes, legs, and arms. A good rule of thumb is to start with a 5to 10-pound ball and progress as needed to heavier medicine balls in the 10to 20-pound range, as you become stronger.

FREE pdf The 5-Minute Glute Workout http://www.criticalbench.com/glutes/ The #1 Exercise to Develop a Rounder Stronger Butt https://www.criticalbench.com/g. Trainers Reveal 10 Medicine Ball Moves You Should Be Doing. Medicine balls are weighted to add resistance to any exercise, from crunches to squats to shoulder presses, making them a great stand-in for dumbbells. Reps: 10-12 on each side Muscles worked: Shoulders, triceps, glutes, quads, core, cardio. Building strong glutes will help make everyday tasks easier, while also boosting your sports performance.

These butt exercises will work every angle of your glutes. Once you get the hang of it, you can add weight by carefully laying a medicine ball, kettlebell, or barbell across your pelvic area. The extra resistance will help your glutes get stronger.


List of related literature:

This action lengthens the muscles of the outer thigh to improve their strength and resiliency, while reaching for the ground with the medicine ball increases the force into the tissues, making them stronger.

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Examples: Back Squats, Front Squats, Leg Press, and Lunges A progressive series of 22 Swiss ball exercises are planned to easily strengthen the hamstrings, thighs, buttocks and back muscles to enhance the core stability control and improve the balance.

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This movement stretches the groin (adductors) and works the lateral hip (gluteus medius).

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While the upper and lower glutes highly activate in most movements that involve hip extension, hip external rotation, and hip abduction, only the upper glutes activate during certain movements and positions, and the lower glutes activate much more than the upper glutes during certain movements and positions.

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This action will prevent overactivation of the lower fibers of the gluteus maximus, piriformis, and other deep external rotator muscles in the buttocks, enabling the low back to lengthen and the sacroiliac joints to move freely.

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Apply compressive effleurage and petrissage and broad cross-fiber work to the gluteal region as a general warm-up and to reduce the hypertonicity of the muscles, paying specific attention to the gluteus maximus and medius.

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  • I purchased a 20 lb slam ball at Walmart for $25. I found this workout and could only do 1 set of each exercise! I was sweating buckets! This will definitely become one of my go-to tools for my fitness goals! Thanks, Critical Bench.

  • Crushed it!Excellent workout Sydney!! Sweat,sweat,sweat again:-P! I have a bench for exercise, regular step and pilates ball (and also mini band, medicine ball,kettlebell,dumbell..) and I can not wait for this kind of exercise!! Thank you for being here for us!!:-)

  • although the trianer is stunning, its nice to see a fitness video with “normal” people working out insdtead of models with their tops off just showing off.

  • No way! Syney, yesterday after agility I was going to ask if you would do a workout with a med ball but I thought everyone may not have one and besides mine is 14 pounds ( figured to heavy for an entire workout). Wow can’t wait to do this with a dumbell then wish I had a 6 pound ball though:-(

  • Crushed it. Loved it. I am a prop person so I was delighted to use my med ball. I have a step that goes from 6 inches to 12 inches. I use it as a weight bench. I would like a stability ball workout. Great for core work. Your little interruption actually provided some entertainment while my legs were screaming. ��

  • GREAT!! video remember to be very careful people I lost 30 lb in 3 months just doing this and yes it is a sooper stress reliever I can’t tell you how much stress this takes off when you do it

  • I just read your description and realized that you are a WVU alumni! What a small world. I recently finished my first year there:)

  • Thanks Tim, lovely coherent explanations. I particularly appreciate the regression and progressions explanations and demonstration.

  • did not like this one.:( missed the countdown timer and wayyyyyy too many press jacks-got so monotonous I almost stopped early. I’m glad I didn’t but won’t repeat this one.

  • Just found this and I love your video. Most video skip through but this follow along is everything. Just want to know how heavy is the ball?

  • Loved this workout!!! I liked the change up with the rep based workout and the press jacks between each round!!
    I don’t have bench or step, but I do have a set of stairs!

  • Loved it, another awesome workout, I can already tell I’m going to be sore ��. I’m another one that misses the timer in the corner, keeps me motivated. I’d love to see a workout with a jump rope included!!

  • Crushed it!!!! I struggle keeping my belly button down when it comes to the abbs workout
    My equipment dumbbells mini bands and pull up bar
    Thanks for an amazing workout

  • instead of teaching proper form and actually providing instructions. this video went with stupid cinematic, blurry clips, and nauseating panning. im trying to learn the damn movement, not jack off to her. why would you incorporate blurriness and angles that dont show proper form? the video grapher even incorporated the handle bar swing for dramatics. get your money back if you paid em. i had to sign on my account just to criticize how stupid this video became because of the video editing and the music choice. dunnnuunnn unnnhhh dunn nuhh nuuhh dun nuuhhh nuuhhh

  • To be honest I wasnt super crazy about the med ball or the 15 count. I kind of preferred the dumb bells and the timed intervals. I wasnt really feeling myself today either, so i may try to just do this again on sunday along with the deep stretch.

  • Crushed it with an 8 pound dumbbell! I missed the timer in the corner. That’s always a good motivator. I have weights and a bosu ball, no other equipment.

  • Crushed it!!!������
    No med ball… But… Nothing my 5, 8 and 10 lb. dumbells plus son’s soccer ball could not solve!
    Was on vacation with the family and I tried to do this one 3 days in a row but only got 10 to 15 minutes in… Finally got to make it up today. Surprised me that I got a bit of a challenge there.
    As for the mic bloopers. I love that it did not make you loose motivation and the way you and Dustin fixed each video, awesome work. Love you guys and thus community. Thank you.

  • Did something to my back but can’t wait to try this one when I am able. Just walking and doing my rehab exercise for the whole week ��

  • That was a really fun workout! It flew by!!!! I don’t have a bench or a step but I do have stairs and a chair I use to work out on. I’d love to see workouts using different equipment. I have a bosu, resistance bands, sliders, kettlebell, TRX, stability ball, etc.

  • Loved this. I’ve just gotten back into working out after a few months of moving house and starting a new job. Thought I could do this and sprints but I did this then some arm weights to finish up.

  • Thank you, this looks great! I used to be a runner..now I have a herniated L5-S1 for about 4 months. I can already walk easily and even run a bit, but I feel I’m out of synch somehow, and it makes my left calf hurt afterwards (feels like a pulled muscle, but the neurologist explained it’s the hernia irritating the nerve root during the run) so I don’t run yet. Before that herniation happened, I had been having some lower back troubles for about two years, usually after a run, the next day. My left leg a is like 1,5 cm longer. The physiotherapists said there is a muscle disbalance..of course there is:) I will try this for a few months, really looks good. thanks again!

  • don’t have a med ball or a step, but I wanted to tell you that your hair, makeup and outfit are on FLEEK today, Sydney!! Thank you for everything you do for us, you are the best!!

  • I could not crush it today, i injured my knee from yesterday. I put in 30 minutes though. It was a great workout. To answer your questions; kettlebell and resistance band workouts will be great. Thanks for another great workout. ������

  • Awesome legs/ab workout! You are so creative, I just love the combinations you come up with! Looking forward to the next workout and, yes, I do have a bench!

  • Desde Colombia…saludos y muy buenos ejercicios con el balón..��

    **From Colombia… greetings and very good exercises with the ball..

  • I just ordered a 20 lb slam ball. My son is a competitive swimmer and I sometimes go for a run during the warm ups for his meets. Today, I was thinking that if I had a tool like that in my truck, I could get a full workout in outside the pool facility during my downtime. This weekend, we were at the meet both days, about 5 hours each day, and sometimes there is over an hour of straight downtime between events. So, hopefully, this could be a great way to reclaim some of that time.

  • Slam ball workout for Women (?). 2 dudes in the gym doing same moves… Obviously Not for women. Explain to me exactly why women can do these and not men. Wait, is Gillette behind all of this as well? 2 thumbs down for the sexism you sexist.

  • My mom used to slam me and my sister both when we were little and did naughty things…didn’t know we were actually her slam ball and she was actually doing exercise with us…������

  • She did it AGAIN!!!!!Great format to have a lot of repetitions without feeling bored. Med Ball, swiss ball, bench, foam roller, bands, mini bands, bring it on Coach! Thank you for always surpising us and motivating us even when not so much into working out!

  • I completely agree most fitness channels are doing all the same. Picking a heavy ball with their backs and not bending the legs. Lifting heavier than actual strength. They get more tired and get even more shitter. All I can say is good luck with your back in twenty years time. I do recommend, heading over to athlean x if you want good technique. Its important guys.

  • I uhh… Thought it was 10 sets on each side for the alternating sides exercises… I wondered why it was so difficult and why he was SO much faster….��

  • This was THE BEST WORKOUT I HAVE HAD IN A LONG TIME….and I’m picky. I wanna sweat….I want to feel like I’m about to die and I haven’t found anything like that until this video. Just got my smash ball…. I am super impressed! I am sweating buckets… And it feels so good to throw something heavy! I feel it in every part of my body. be careful when you’re throwing the ball in front of you I made a mistake and put my head out too far and smash balled my face hhah other than that it was a great time!!!

  • Perfect workout. I love the double entry, I thought it was magic and wanted to pause myself and bring another me in the room. Your are build tough and have excellent stamina. Feeling rejuvenated.

  • Great video! I just subscribed. I just bought my Reebok deck and I’ve been using it on an incline for step ups and side jumps… my glutes hate me lol. You gave me some new ideas. Thanks:)

  • This is awesome!! Thank you! I am rehabbing an ACL repair of left knee from a ski accident and Labrum repair to my right hip. Surgeries less than 2 months apart. Finding your videos has been so incredibly helpful. Working to get my right glute to fire properly after years of other muscles compensating for the hip tear, which was at least 5years or more old. Any suggestions on a good strength protocol? So far videos like this one are really effective. Keep them coming!

  • Would someone please recommend a Medicine Ball that can be used for this workout? I don’t see a link to purchase this in Sydney’s list below the video.

  • Crushed it! Loved how different this leg workout was! I was missing the timer though and the 50 minute bold title.:) I do prefer timed intervals ONLY because I can keep up with you better. When it’s set reps I have to get a head start so I’m not falling behind. Yes, I have a mini step and a regular step that I can use for whatever you may have in mind. See y’all tomorrow!!! Thank y’all for another great workout! #sydneysquad

  • Since you asked: It would be great if you had some ankle-weight workouts on here, and bosu ball workouts too! Please keep it up with the medball, sliders, and mini band equipment workouts. Love working out with you Syd!!

  • Hey bro! love the video’s! Very informative & easy to understand. Especially loved the one you did at FILEX about the ACL in 2011.

    Im actually about 4 months out of an ACL recon (Hammy) and have had a bit of a downer on my rehab process. Doing practically everything i was told to do but i’m still have trouble walking i’m occasionally limping (running is not even in the equation yet which is super frustrating as well).

    Ive still got lots of stiffness, cant lock it out fully straight, cant walk up stairs, medial part of the knee literally feels like its going to give way (cave in), swells up after long periods of walking on it (shopping etc) which just gives me no confidence at all. 

    I get sharp pains in the medial and lateral areas of the knee too so i cant figure out what’s causing the slow recovery and all the pain???

    Just tried your exercises in the video tho without the swiss ball and just held onto the wall and i can see my VMO is trembling and shaking like crazy (like it’s super weak). Is it possible that the lack of strength in the VMO/Glutes would be causing all of the pain/slow recovery?

    I will also mention that my ACL was originally torn playing Rugby back in 2011 and i’ve only gone in to get it done 4 months ago. Maybe this plays a role in it too? I don’t know. I would appreciate your feedback bro!

    Cheers & keep the awesome work!

  • LOVED this workout! It is my new favorite! The time flew by! I get you intentions for no clock, but I use it to know how much time is left of either pleasure or challenge; it’s a mental thing�� I have a bosu, rebounder, gliders, step, bands, kettle bell and Pilates ball so I’m game for anything you want to throw at us momma�������� Thank you for this gift and have a fantabulous day! Oh, as for the mic, it’ll work itself out. Life tends to throw us irritations sometimes. But at least for me, it’s no bother at all��

  • Been wanting to do this one for a while but didn’t have a medicine ball so I used a basketball �� anyway it was tough the last leg circuit got me..my legs on firah����do u have any workouts using a stepper or ankle weights.. ��

  • Thank you for the workout but I didn’t have a med ball. I used a weight but it didn’t feel effective. I do not have a stair, box or step for next week so please do something that we can do. See you tomorrow.

  • I bought a slam ball from Wal-Mart but it doesn’t bounce back and when you slam it it becomes kinda like flat looks like a stone pebble now

  • I’m new to using a Slam ball, and used a lot of modifications. Also, my pace was slower, but I did finish the entire workout. Adding to my workout arsenal for sure-this will help improve my endurance and strength for Roller Derby when my season starts up again next month.

  • Nice video.
    How much weight is that ball?
    The reason I ask is that I would like to try this and need to understand how much you are using since you are familiar with this.
    I anticipate I will need to start with less weight than you.
    Thanks in advance for any tips.

  • Crushed it!! I used a step stool for one of the lungs and a Pilates ring for one of the ab moves. That was cool how Incorporated a med ball into the workout. Those ab moves were killer, i couldn’t get my damn legs high enough. Lol�� I would love to see a full body band workout. Dancing is always a fun way to do some cardio, maybe some old school hip hop moves. I do like my stripper pole moves too. Eeeeooowww! ����

  • I did your medicine ball and step for lean legs and a hard butt workout today twice through and it kicked my butt! Thanks for making these videos so I can do them at home!

  • Just did my first 40min.. Work out you.. And I must say.. This makes me sweat more than when I cardio with Denis Austin.. Seriously.. Just a quick question anyone.. Is this also for The glutes as well.? ��