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10 Key Tips to Getting Fit on a Budget. by Jennifer Purdie. February 18, 2018. No Comments. Share it: The boutique studio industry might not want you to know this, but it’s possible to get fit on a tight budget.

We’ll say it another way: You do not need to spend big bucks to work out. 51 Tips for Getting Fit and Healthy on a Budget (in 2020) by Helen Jarden Last Updated December 17, You don’t need an expensive gym membership or overpriced protein bars to get fit. The key is simply to establish good habits and invest your time in the right exercise techniques. In this article, we will be showing you all the ways you.

Just be sure you have shoes that are supportive, flexible and fit well. If you like to vary your workouts, you may want ones that are good for many activities (cross trainers). It pays to visit a reputable sports shoe store with professional salespeople so that you get a good value for your money. Some of Herbst’s other tips for getting fit on a budget are to run up and down stairs, chop wood or, if you’re in for the extreme, hit an old tire with a sledge hammer—anything that gets your heart rate up and works your muscles.

2. Use the internet. Keep reading for 5 essential tips for getting fit on a budget. We have outlined everything for you here!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is beneficial to you. How? For starters, it lowers the risk of diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart problems. Second, it improves bone and muscle health.

) exercising on a budget is super easy! You don’t always need weights to achieve your goals. 1. Exercise From Home. Body-weight exercises come in many variations, and simple home equipment such as resistance bands and skipping ropes can make a huge difference.

Most of these things can be found on Amazon or at discount stores, even your local Buy/Sell/Swap page might have. My Top 5 Tips on Keeping Fit on a Budget! 1) YouTube Videos & DVDs. I’m a massive fan of following work-out videos on YouTube as they are so accessible and make changing your workout week to week super easy (not to mention zero travel time/expense to your living room!). 1. Personal trainers are costly, as are, gym memberships.

Instead, try an at home fitness program like Beach Body. 2. Save money on your fresh fruits and veggies by purchasing them at your local farmers market. 3. Instead of purchasing weights use items around your home recreate the experience. 5 ways to get fit on a budget. Getting healthy doesn’t have to mean going broke.

Here are some money saving health and fitness tips. Keep track of expenses that frequently end up in this category. Eventually, you might even want to promote them to a permanent spot on the budget roster. 10.

Cut up your credit cards. If you’re really committed to sticking to a budget and getting out of debt, you need to ditch those credit cards for good. Stop using them!

List of related literature:

All the usual recommendations bear repeating—and should now constitute a daily routine—exercise regularly, walk as much as you can, eat less but eat more healthy foods, drink a lot of water (up to a gallon a day), enjoy good wine in moderation, and get regular medical, dental, and vision checkups.

“The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life” by Philip Zimbardo, John Boyd
from The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life
by Philip Zimbardo, John Boyd
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Other suggestions include the following: switch to fat free or low-fat (1%) milk; make at least half of the grains whole instead of refined grains, avoid oversize proportions, choose foods with lower sodium content, and drink water instead of sugary drinks.

“Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics E-Book: First South Asia Edition” by Karen Marcdante, Robert M. Kliegman, O P Misra, Shakuntala Prabhu, Surjit Singh
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For example, you may investigate cheaper fitness-facility membership plans, establish a home exercise program with lots of incidental exercise, or use outdoor training for part of or the entire program.

“The Essential Guide to Fitness” by Rosemary Marchese, Julie Taylor, Kirsten Fagan
from The Essential Guide to Fitness
by Rosemary Marchese, Julie Taylor, Kirsten Fagan
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– Avoid buying meals from restaurants, and take your own lunch and snacks to work.

“The A-Z of the PhD Trajectory: A Practical Guide for a Successful Journey” by Eva O. L. Lantsoght
from The A-Z of the PhD Trajectory: A Practical Guide for a Successful Journey
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Here is an example of a simple plan: “I will increase my intake of fruit and vegetables and walk outside for 30 minutes at least 3 times per week.”

“Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge” by Mcgonigle, Kathleen Mastrian
from Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge
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Here is an example of a simple plan: “I will increase my intake of fruit and vegetables and walk outside for 30 minutes at least three times per week.”

“Informatics for Health Professionals” by Kathleen Mastrian, Dee McGonigle
from Informatics for Health Professionals
by Kathleen Mastrian, Dee McGonigle
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Divide your discretionary income into two parts: the amount you’ll save to meet your goals (like a car, a house, or your own retirement) and the amount you’ll spend on things that aren’t necessities (like movies, designer water, clothes you don’t really need, and so on).

“Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance In Your Twenties and Thirties” by Beth Kobliner
from Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance In Your Twenties and Thirties
by Beth Kobliner
Touchstone, 2009

Other practical tips that combine exercise with ordinary daily activities include doing housework, gardening, walking or biking to the corner store instead of driving, and parking farther away at the shopping mall and walking the extra distance.

“The Advanced Practice Nurse Cardiovascular Clinician” by Kelley M. Anderson, PhD, FNP
from The Advanced Practice Nurse Cardiovascular Clinician
by Kelley M. Anderson, PhD, FNP
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Or if you can afford it, not only join a club that you can get to on days when you have time, but also invest in some basic weight equipment at home for days when you’re too busy to walk, bike, or make the drive (preferably choose an active way to get to the gym; that way you’ll already be warmed up).

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
Wiley, 2011

Here are just a few of the habits I have found essential to sustaining me for the long haul: Nourishing, healthy, sustaining food is a basic.

“The Lifegiving Table: Nurturing Faith through Feasting, One Meal at a Time” by Sally Clarkson
from The Lifegiving Table: Nurturing Faith through Feasting, One Meal at a Time
by Sally Clarkson
Tyndale House Publishers, Incorporated, 2017

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  • I’m hoping to do a weight gain journey, if you guys would like to see feel free to give my comment a like ❤️ I was 98 pounds for a long time and now I’m 113 from apetamin, I’m on my fourth bottle now. My goal is 120lbs.

  • If foods are at risk of going bad, dry them. You can do it in the oven or microwave if you don’t have a dehydrator. Also, regarding meat and vegetable waste. I throw mine in a pot with seasoning and make my own broth.

  • Hi, first of all well done on your videos:). Can you please let me know what hand soap you have next to the kitchen sink please? I really like the bottle. Thanks

  • Read Playing with Fire and watched the documentary. Totally on the FIRE wagon!! Amazing how naive this country is when it comes to financial literacy. Spending on healthy ingredients to eat at come is always cheaper than eating out, not to mention healthier.

  • It is so hard to afford healthy food with a chronic illness. So much is off the table. Try no eggs, dairy, wheat or gluten, and no sugar. It’s so boring. Hard to live this way. Oh and have to keep legumes in moderation or else flare-ups. So basically fruit, veggies, and meat. �� Help!

  • Hey Aunt Marisa! Good video. I’ve mostly cut meat out of my diet. I’m trying to give it up permanently because I just feel better when I do, I eat a lot of fish, and that does get pricey. Karate is going very well. I hope to compete someday, even with my physical limitations. I was never taught good habits in terms of money and budgeting. My biggest thing is, I want to save, but I want to have fun too. Merry Christmas!

  • Sorry, you’re talking about buying everything organic. It is not affordable to buy organic stuff which is the issue of most middle class. Is there any other options for example washing the produce with water and vinegar or lemon. What you suggest? Thank you.

  • Who buys $13/lb MEAT?! No, that’s too fancy for my. I keep it under $4, most of the time under $2. Please don’t shop at Whole Foods then give advice of eating on a budget. Most people can’t afford those kind of stores nor have access. There are plenty other places to find tips on eating healthy on a budget. ANYWHERE BUT HERE WOULD BE BETTER!

  • as a poor college student i said some day i will go shopping and buy whatever i want whether it’s on sale or not….and now i can (age 55)…but then i ate potato & cheese omlettes / cheese & tomatoes sandwiches / chicken thighs rice and spinach…bananas apples oranges…

  • Rice is rice no matter if it’s Great Value brand or Goya brand. Also bagged greens (like arugula and spinach) cost less than a plastic tub version. Frozen strawberries or any other berries cost more the smaller the bag is. So if you get a huge family size bag it will be more affordable.

  • 24:36 From my experience, this is unsafe. I found my lanyard would get stuck in the crevices and wrap itself around the column, limiting steering and caused me to panic the first time it happened. Luckily I have only had this happen at low speed. Personally, I hang my lanyard off of the stalk closest to the ignition barrel. Although it does still hang down, the risk of catching your foot in it is far less than if you let it just hang.

  • I hate to be the one to say this regarding this “new age” your man but he is being “old school.” When I grew up, I never saw a cutting board. My grandmother cut up every vegetable in her hand and never cut herself or lost a finger. Too this day, I still prefer cutting vegetables in my hand EVEN THOUGH I have 3 cutting boards and a slicer that includes a bowl. The only time I pull out the cutting board is to cut cucumbers because I like uniform slices. Have never lost a finger or gone to the ER.

  • This has nothing to do with working out but I need some advice on hair if anyone can provide it.
    I have waist length hair and healthy curls but I have an extremely dry scalp and especially now that it’s getting colder, it’s starting to show and I can’t wear my hair in any styles that include parts. I don’t have dandruff it’s just a dry scalp and I honestly don’t know what to do! Please help��

  • I started making my own vegetable broth. I freeze juice from steamed vegetables. I also gather celery ends, turnip peals that last bit of spinach, carrot and onion and boil them for 10 minutes, then drain and freeze the juice. I use the broth for soups or when I cook quinoa etc.

  • I am starting meal prep this week and I’m needing advice on a good blender as well as your storage bags. Can you let me know which you prefer. I loved watching all of your videos and just signed up for your weekly emails. I am really looking forward to making huge changes in my diet. You’ve got me excited that the food will actually taste good and not just be good for me ��

  • A few things to note:

    I am not Gordon Ramsay

    We each have wildly different diets. I would assume that this diet may not work for everyone. I know plenty of people who choose to refrain from eating meat, gluten, carbs, etc.. At the end of the day, I try my best to consume any type of food in moderation. You may read a study today on how a certain food may cause cancer, only to hear the next week that people who eat that specific food live longer.

    As my income has increased, I have chosen to expand my food budget to $50+ per week so that I can choose more sustainable, healthier food options.

    You may have noticed that chicken took up nearly one-third of the expenses in this video. This may be anecdotal, but from my experience, eating less meat can be more cost-effective (and humane). If you choose to forgo meat entirely, make sure you are getting enough protein from other sources.

  • and remember if walmart is retail image the pricing if you were to buy wholesale or buy from the original suppler that Walmart does business with

  • One way I save on meals is I buy what is on sale then with a Food Saver and instant pot the money I save.
    I have invested in the Food Saver @179 + Instant Pot @129 but I have 30 days of meals pending on what I plan to make. my food bill on everything at about 150 for 2 People having the above items will also save you!

  • I agree with meat. Its getting too expensive. I am trying to eat less meats.Thinking of making Lentil Spaghetti today. Love Lentils. I need to make that Chia Pudding again. Love that stuff. Love these tips. I need dairy free recipes. ��

  • I just want to point out sometimes Thrive Market is NOT discounted as they claim. I mean Thrive Market one brand is usually cheaper than others such as collagen. But when I compare their offer price to my local store sometimes they are at the same price…. I just want to say maybe be more careful with the price although if there’s a coupon it definitely would be cheaper than many stores out there.

  • my dad once had a battery that had so little charge his new attery charger didn’t even recognise it as a battery.
    luckily my dad also had a really old one that was only a transformer a bridge rectifier and a stuck analog amp meter.

  • Wonderful!!
    We use a lot of store bought Organic Almond milk, with 3 growing kids. But i am allergic to raw cashews, so can i roast cashews and grind them to make cashew milk?

  • Unsalted sunflower seeds without the shells are a very cheap way to get in your nutrients without spending so much on other seeds!

  • New sub here an I really like the fact that you reply to all the comments that have asked questions. Also your desserts look amazing I am hooked, I can’t wait to try them.

  • You never go off what the factory badge or owner manual says. Especially on a used car. You go off the recommended tire psi that’s located on the side of the tire

  • Studies have shown there is very little difference if any in organic and non organic foods. You can buy 5 dozen eggs for $8.99 at Costco. And buy meats for a fraction of the cost. Perhaps in some circles this would be money saving tips but for everyday people on a real budget, not so much!

  • I would really like a video for persons who can’t or don’t have access to the gym more workouts to somehow help not become a bodybuilder but sculpt your body.

  • People, please be nice….he doesn’t have a silver spoon like some rich kids. As long as he’s getting proper nutrients and not eating junk food he’s all good. He’ll be happy �� later on in his life when he’s retired early and you all still stocked in your 9-5 jobs. Let’s see who’s still laughing in the end….. Keep up with the good job ���� young man. You’re such an inspiration for us all. Wish my son were half as good.

  • Yup. Whole foods instead of supplements like spirulina, maca, collagen, protein powder since they are still processed which is not that really absorbed by the body cuz our bodies know REAL FOOD.

  • Thank you for mentioning the parkrun and I couldn’t agree with you more! It’s always great to see new faces and the atmosphere is excellent for all abilities ��

  • I Will Teach You to be Rich by Remit Sethi is great for budgeting and money management. Yes, you can get Starbucks if you want! Negotiate raises at work, decrease internet bills and start a side hustle are options too!

  • Geez people quit picking on the guy’s cooking. Like it or not, he’s killin it as a very sensible young man and he’ll probably be the guy you all wanna be in five, ten years. Who cares about how he makes eggs. Anything to nitpick on YouTube, sheesh.

  • This is the first nutrition related youtube video where I’ve heard the tip of ignoring “organic” labels (and such like it) and just focusing on whole foods over processed foods. The price increase on organic/super foods/popular health foods right now is ridiculous AND intimidates people when trying to shop healthy and I’m so glad you’re breaking it down to the importance of simply making that switch to whole foods as a main priority. Love it. Love you.

  • I don’t shop for food at Walmart (especially meats/fish)) because their food is not the best quality. If you can afford to, buy quality food. You wouldn’t put bad fuel in your car, would you?

  • HILARIOUS. TYRES HAVE A RUBBER BRIDGE IN GROOVES TO DETERMINE REPLACEMENT. I thought it was a joke at first, then I realised you were Serious. All this is common knowledge. Explain that tailing car in front only increases %%% of accident. Truth is that keeping your distance gives you greater view/chance and opportunity to overtake. Driving for living easy to see lack of driving knowledge in Sydney.

  • Living in a small town, it’s hard to do anything. On a clear day it takes you about 20-25 minutes to go to Walmart or food land (only two places for grocery stores). The only thing I spend money on is Hulu and Disney plus, and Spotify. I get about $200 a month. Luckily I still live with my dad but it’s getting harder and hard to make ends meet…

  • What is really mind-blowing about this video is that MCM actually filmed ALL these tips over 250 of them over an 11 year period. Over a decade’s worth of knowledge in one master video. Bravo, guys. If this doesn’t deserve a slow-clap then nothing does.

  • It’s like I always tell people who say I’m wasting my money on good ingredients. You’re going to pay for it now with good food or later with bad health and I’d rather pay for it now.

  • Organic.. cabbage, Kale, avocado, spinach, etc. source local Farmers market. You can grow your own herbs.. super simple.. just google.

  • Thank you so much for posting this! Excellent video and those casseroles look fabulous! Where can I find those small glass containers you use for your chia pudding?

  • You might also check your local farmer’s market. We have several that are each open two days a week. The food is in season and local and most growers will happily chat with you about their growing methods. I’ve found their pricing comprable to what I pay at the grocery store only it hasn’t been shipped in near freezing trucks (and rot a day or two after getting them home).

  • This is a very useful video �� As a mom of two children I’ve ALWAYS budgeted, both as for food as for any other things. The coffee buying thing is really specific to the US; we’ve moved from Europe to the US 4 years ago and we really notice that people, in general, spend a LOT of $ in coffee! We always have it or make it at home and take it in our thermos. We already eat healthy but I’m the only whole foods plant based in the house and that’s very inexpensive! Where my budget gets the most spending is on animal products for the rest of the family….as for me give me all the beans, potatoes, rice and veggies and I’m good to go and it’s so cheap!!! I always meal prep for the week and my kids take their lunch to school; as for eating out we probably do it twice a month, at the most. No take away food either, so expensive!!!

  • Let’s show marisa how much we love her and please subscribe to her YouTube channel and help share her content across social media and reach 100k (i sadly lost my Twitter account and can’t make a new therefore that can’t be done��)

  • Your videos are so informative and well put together!! Just found your channel the other day from one of the comments you left under a video by Melanie Murphy and am loving it!:)
    I was just wondering if you work with people with disordered and/or binge eating problems? If so, what are your tips for abstaining from binges?
    Thank you xx

  • I am lucky enough to live in Nebraska where good beef is readily available. It took us a couple of years to get on our feet financially, but now we buy a half a cow every year. It’s enough for my family of 6. It is the cheapest way to get good beef but it does come with the cost up front.

  • I will have to check out Earth Miles, sounds good:) I love to run personally. Although the running shoes do cost a bit more than other shoes, this is the only cost really. Great for a student! x

  • This video is very useful but talking about proteins you forgot to mention quinoa that contains complete proteins that means it has the 20 amino acids that we need to consume. No all the vegetables proteins are complete proteins. Otherwise your video is good as always.

  • Really enjoyed this wee video Nic, it,s nice to see you in a different location as i was beginning to think you lived in the kitchen 😉 I will also check out the dvd’s you use as i like to try different ones too although i do like Caroline Pearce she is a former athlete so for me that is a challenge, a big step up from the Cindy Crawford video i used in the 90’s, now that is showing my age, have a great wee day 😉

  • OH MY GOD, the rice in America is 3 DOLLARS!? In my country if you turn the average price for 1 kilogram in dollars it’s like LESS THAN 1 DOLLAR

  • Awesome, thanks for making and sharing this. Lots of watch time. Some tips are good, some are funny, and some are totally ghetto and I wouldn’t ever even entertain doing them. 😉

  • can you guys do a toyota solara? i have a 99-2000 please make ref. to what tools i need and where to get best aftermarket parts please my email or make a video to help me

  • I have a 04′ passat 1.8T wagon called “The Granny Sleeper” Don’t forget for the VW ppl out there often the cars windows can go up and down to the extent you want them by turning the key and holding it there for a few seconds. Unlock for open and lock to close the windows. �� #PimpinAintE-Z

  • I have an instapot/air fryer combo. It’s been life changing! It has a delay setting and a lot of the recipes for the instapot are really cheap ingredients and dumb and go

  • Thrive market sent me some maca powder awhile ago I still havent used it. I know it’s good energy wise but I dont like my coffee that texture…dont want to put it in a smoothie because I drink them after I workout that’s not when I want a boost. They’re great for supplements and non-perishables though.

  • Lovely Hawkeye outback have a similar one except mine is fwd
    Reason the engine (2.5 4 cylinder) and transmission (4 speed auto) allows for you to disengage the rear wheels by adding a fuse into the second small section in the engine bay the fuse guide in the manual will tell where

  • I just can’t stop wasting lettuce. No matter what, I only get through half before the remainder is just not eatable. I am a single person so can’t force it on the kids. Any tips on how to make it go further?

  • I love cooking as I’m also going to school to become a chef! Your food does not have to be simple everyday in my opinion, depending how much time you have or where you are at the time. I’d say have some FUN and MIX up those spices!! Flavor is always KEY! That can easily just come from salt & pepper which is simple & convenient for a lot of foods. Whatever feeds your OLFACTION into you soul should taste fine:)) lol.

  • Hey I’m a 16 year old from India here we can’t drive until 18 but I own a Mitsubishi Cedia Sports please help me with giving the body a little hot modification at home also I wanna tune up the exhaust for the big noise

  • Great video! I like that you made your tips very simple. I’ve been looking up a million videos on how to get thicker and you made it seem a lot easier and really attainable. Thanks girl!

  • I actually learn a pretty good amount from these guys over the years. I really want to learn how to work on cars without having to rely on a another person to show and do everything, my goal is to be able to work on a car and to be able to do most things on a car that doesnt require 2 people

  • Do… do they not know that steering wheel pullers are a thing that exists? Here in the states they’re like $20 at autozone and worth every penny

  • The fact that if run car with no oil and got 2 minutes before breakdown just simply doesn’t apply to old Toyotas, i was in an world’s most northernmost american car meet and every year they blow up some old shitbox like Ladas and old Volkswagens by redlining it with no oil or just little oil, well last year they decided to blow up and Carina II and after 20mins of redlining without any oil they gave up and drove it off

  • Hello, my name is Jowana! I run hands-on workshops that teach people the basics of car repair, I have posted a few tutorials that will help you 100%!! check them out and let me know what you think:)

  • I don’t take tips from Canadians…plot twist, I do take tips from Canadians but I’m an American and refuse to listen to Austrian people…cause Hitler… I’m going back to consuming oil and being smarter than everyone.(except Germany or Japan). ����

  • If you are considered in poverty here’s tips and tricks. Food banks will give bread, milk, eggs & other basics. You don’t have to shop organic and “non-gmo”. Don’t get the brands get the cheap. Buy in bulk if you know you’ll use it. Items that are closer to the “expire” date are cheaper but still good. You can freeze pretty much anything even if it’s “not meant to be frozen”. Churches will help anyone religious or not. There’s some that give away free produce & other healthy foods depending on the time of year. You may have to wait outside in the heat or cold but it’s free healthy foods. Coupon coupon coupon. Use any discount you can even ifs “very little” it helps. There’s also many places that will help you with food not just food banks & churches but it depends on where you are from. Many businesses will give you the food they’ll toss. Use your foods for multiple things. Keep your ham bones to cook with. Use your bread scraps to make food. Even brown bananas can make a healthy banana bread and honestly I think it’s the best.ya Keep your veggie scraps to make veggie stock. Shop around bulk stores, discount stores, and even regular grocery stores of course help and have good deals but so does stores you may not think Luke Dollar Tree, Dollar General, even some gas stations.

  • so when you were talking about the electric TURBO.. it wasn’t giving boost.!
    but the leaf blowers did!? lol.
    so all you need to do is put a really big high quality electric motor on the turbo
    and the same thing. I would not buy plastic..
    spend a little bit more money and buy the metal electric turbo and then just upgrade the motor with a super high end motor.
    that’s the way to go

  • the best thing that happened to me is finding fitness Blender workouts. I love watching YouTube but it’s great to be able to work out doing something you like. the best part is that I don’t notice the time ticking by like you would on a treadmill or something like that.

  • I wonder who figured out the urine and toothpaste for cleaning headlights?.. I used the kit to clean two cars headlights and tail lights for around US$10. ��

  • A tip that might help right now is that a lot of stores will have to close (some just for a few weeks) bc of the coronavirus, so they try to get rid of the food that would go bad in the time they will have to close, so some might sell their products a lot cheaper than usual. We had to close one of the stores i work for and sold a lot of stuff for just 1CHF that would usually cost a lot more. I think that happens in a lot of places right now

  • Hi Lisa, love your channel and your recipes are outstanding. I had a heart attack a few years ago and I have been educating myself on healthier foods and your site makes them so delicious. I have 2 questions that I hope you could answer.

    Question 1: On your recipe pages you have a nutrition value at the bottom. Is this value per servicing or per the recipe?

    Question 2: I live alone in Costa Rica and I do travel the country quite a bit as I am an architect and I build houses. However, your recipes have ingredients that I believe are local or imported to your country. What would you suggest as a resolution to choosing replacement ingredients not readily available to me?
    I believe that you are a perfectionist by the details and clarity of your web site structure. So this question may hurt a little.:)

  • You say healthy, I say American “healthy”… White bread, white rice, pancake mix, jelly, less than 1/3 fruits and veg… This is junk food week galore in Sweden �� You’re so right on the water though. Don’t drink juice. Eat an orange! In no way is juice ever more beneficial to you, or our planet, than eating the fruit with a side glass of water. Not even if you squeeze it yourself! As far as the rest goes, I guess it all depends on what you have as your point of reference. For me this doesn’t even come close to normal, let alone healthy. For normal I would require a minimum of 60% fruit & veg, wholegrain carbs & better fats, like rapeseed oil for cooking etc. For healthy, cut out those empty calories (white bread, white rice, pancake mix, jelly, sugar filled peanut butter aso) and replace with calories that are nutrient packed as well. ❤

  • Love this <3 I started cooking at home more once I discovered budgetbytes.com it’s a really great site that breaks down the price for each recipe/photo step by step. I often modify recipes to fit my own dietary needs and most are pretty darn good. Also, when I’m planning my meals for the week and make my grocery list I list everything even if I think I already have it. Then I go into my kitchen/pantry and physically touch the object before taking it off my list. It’s helped me not to buy stuff I already have/keep up up with staples I’m starting to run low on. It’s really helped to lower the amount of money I spend on groceries per week (I shop per week cause I’m terrible at letting stuff like veggies and fruits go back so I only buy what I know what I can consume in a week but i know this is not an option for many people) and generally spend about $25-30 a week for decent quality food.

  • I fed my husband and I on very little when we were first married. Here’s an idea….

    On a day that you don’t mind waiting an hour for dinner, take a whole chicken. Rub it with a little oil, salt pepper and herbs. Bake for an hour. Some people also simply buy a rotisserie chicken since currently, they are often the same price as a whole chicken.

    Ideas for additional meals with leftover chicken:
    Chicken tacos
    Chicken in curry
    Chicken soup
    Chicken salad
    Chicken sandwiches

    Just portion and freeze meat you won’t eat within a few days.

    Also, ethnic, vegetarian, and vegan meals are fabulous for getting nutrients in cheaply. Stir fry with veggies, eggs, perhaps a protein and noodles or rice is super quick to make and very tasty.

    If you like veggies in your eggs, you can freeze portions of cut up onion and pepper to use. It is good if you sauté, but they will be mushy if you want to eat them raw.

    Also, please get a cutting board!!! Just think of all of the ER expenses you will save by using one. ��

  • Boy get yourself a cutting board before you slice off a finger!!! I loved it when you said, “chocolate chips or other fruit like that”! LOL!!!! Chocolate is needed for health whether it is a fruit or just one of the vitamin C items!

  • for all those people who are on a budget and don’t have the money to buy (organic) meat or other animal products:
    a plant based diet is soooo much cheaper!! noodles, rice, potatoes and (frozen) vegetables/ fruits, beans, they’re the cheapest produce in supermarkets and are good for your health, the animals and the planet:)

  • Why would I want to support Amazon whin they mistreat their employees in the warehouse. I hope you have another option than Amazon.

  • I appreciate your videos man. Every day I’m looking for ways to simplify and save money. I am also a fairly knowledgable and decent cook. I will help you if you want, shot in the dark, but I’m willing!

  • His videos and advices are really nice, but.
    He says he makes everything out of his kitchen but can’t even cook an egg which tells me some of his advices are probably not followed by himself

  • I read some of the comments here that are so mean and stupid. People, you’re not even close to 1/10 of Nate. You want to be rich but don’t want to sacrifice. $$$$$ won’t grow out of the tree ��. Wish I were still young and saw his videos lol. I started a little later but was able to become financially independent by late 40.

  • Thank you for the tips. I am single and tired of expensive pre-cooked healthy meals. I am going try your ideas and food prep to save money.����

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  • Great video I am a cook and i want to teach you soo many things you need a cutting board and a chef Knife. and don’t forget to season your food with salt and pepper it goes along way or ketchup goes well with eggs. you forgot to oil the pan for eggs or even pam spray so it does not stick.

  • dude fry your eggs in butter and cook them slowly on low heat to keep them from sticking and/or get a non-stick pan. Thanks for the tips. In fact, I typically spend $5 on a single breakfast sandwich each morning at a cafe. I did an experiment and for $5 at the grocery store I made 12 sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches at home complete with OJ and coffee.

  • I just DONT KNOW if i can exercise lol!!!!! I love how its part of your daily routine!!! I am gonna try and put on another 20 pounds first, and then going…

  • Great suggestions, but bread and potatoes are a diabetic’s nightmare. I know from experience. Eating too many potatoes lead to my pre-diabetes initially…Way too much sugar and carbs

  • The kind of bread, tortilla, and some other items you purchased at the store contain hydrogenated oil, lots of soy, high fructose syrup, and junk preservatives, which ultimately, leads to health problems and consequently, to medical expenses.

  • “It’s not a meal without rice” my asian parents once said

    It’s weird we don’t commonly consider bread, pasta or potatoes to be a meal seen as a snack food
    Real meals are with rice for a lot of asians (unless if it’s noodles):v

  • People are so pressed like have you ever been broke? I used to look in trash bins with my mother when I was 14-15, and y’all complain about this?

  • Tahini: cheap, high in calories, healthy fats, protein.
    Chickpead: cheap (dry), good source for calcium, protein and carbs.
    Both make Hummus together (and some spices + olive oil)
    And if you buy whole wheat bread too, your lunch could be significantly improved✨

  • just imagine how much the animal factory farms benefit from people trying to buy cheap animal products…
    please don’t buy animal products or at least buy them from a more “ethical” source
    ditching animal products will benefit your bank account, your health, the animals and the planet:)

  • The main thing I got was how affordable your shopping was and I like how you stick to a budget. 160 a month not bad, mine is $300 as a single guy but I love to cook

  • I think I actually spend less when it’s just me. I eat plant based and no fake meats or cheeses. The principal is the same and everyone has different needs depending on their levels of activity, height, metabolism, etc

  • I was reading the comments about the potato cutting, and then I actually got to that part and realised why everyone was so appalled ahhahahah wtffff

  • By shopping at Amazon you are not supporting local businesses where you live. It’s fine only for products you can’t find locally. Otherwise you are not committed to community.

  • Hi:) i am a bit puzzed looking at your Shop Page. Is that sheet pan really Aluminum? Didnt think folks still used it, i dont. Plz address this…Ty in advance:)

  • be honest, I’m going every 2 weeks on local food pantry at church to get dry beans, raw honey, oats, brown rice to make more healthy plant-based food. That way I’m not shopping a lot at the store these items and saving money…

  • This is by far the dumbest video I’ve ever seen. It took him 11 minutes to use anything he bought during the shopping trip. Plus he says the food covers all nutritional needs but there’s one fruit and a head of lettuce? Honestly I have so many questions on how this guy survives and why this video has so many views.

  • I can’t make this up at 7:40 when he starts airing out the car at the exact time wind would’ve blown my fan turned towards me. What are the chances

  • 11:10 Well I mean I even use it on my hands:D Just remember to wash them with moisturizing hand soap afterwards, otherwise your hands are gonna be as dry as africa:D

  • You have health insurance yet choose to not eat the healthiest. I’m just the opposite. I have no health insurance yet choose to spend my money on organic produce from Whole Foods. I spend $500+ a month on food/toiletries for just myself because its a great investment. Gluten and pasteurized dairy cause chronic inflammation in everyone. Everyone needs to eat 5-10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. You can’t do that on $200/month.

  • i eat at least 2 eggs a day. if i bought pasture raised eggs for $6 a dozen. they would last me maybe 6 days. and just the basic egg for breakfast would be about $30 a month. not very economical i feel.

  • I have thrive market and LOVE IT! I haven’t ever received one of those 20% off coupons though. How do you get them? I see where the deals are and the gifts, just not the coupons.

  • Hmm that is exactly how much I have been spending $30 (Rs.2300) per month on food since march, 2020. Thanks to challenging situations that taught me (a big spender) that I can live on essentials.

  • As a mother or six, I was rolling my eyes at the delivered meals and booty photos, but I am so glad I kept watching. Very good tips for thinking positive while working-out. Also the advice to be patient and not rush was wonderful.

  • Your doing an awesome job, most young people your age would probably head off to McDonalds or some other Fast Food outlet to get their fix, only because they may have no idea how to cook for themselves. I would make a suggestion though, maybe to invest in a chopping board so you dont cut your hand when chopping your veggies for your stew:) it may save you from a terrible accident!! Good Luck:)

  • For me, if I have a plan I waste less and buy less. It takes time-something I’m still working on but as I add to my go-to’s I’m thinking it is helping. Plus-use the freezer to freeze in-season fruits/vegetables. I invest in blueberries and peaches in season every summer. Didn’t know I could freeze spinach right out of the container. That’s a game changer as it always goes bad on me. Thanks!

  • I made a Lippisch under wing under the nose of my 86 Tercel wagon from sheet steel.Formed with a splitter lip and a shaped under tray extending back just past centre of the tire/wheels and just past the oil pan forming a disfussor. I turned into a left hand bend at 93mph and the body roll lowered the outside of the splitter so low that the aerodynamic force cubed and it grabbed the whole front end and sucked it down onto the bump stops.BUMP!Being a wagon there was no aero lift on the rear or I would have spun off of the 30′ embankment.Oops!Dead.

  • I just watch the video you made after your bad hair cut with 9 inches cut off unevenly. I just want to say your hair looks so bomb and amazing! You can’t even tell anything happen. Your hair is poppin!

  • Perfect timing. I’m a beginner that keeps giving up and this is what I need to hear. Did you happen to do the online workout plan from BodiBiDay? I’ve been considering it.

  • Food is my medicine but I am late to learning the joy of food. I loved this video but I’m sad that you are pushing Amazon when buying local is what we need to encourage and support. My best tip for cooking healthy on a budget if you don’t know someone with a garden is to use the local food bank once a week for all the fresh produce they have, plan your meals based on what you got, and then shop at the local food coop for whatever else you need. For me, the even bigger benefit of using the food bank is that now my diet gets more variety because I’m not afraid to try all the produce they have like I am when I’m at the store with my tiny food budget. Your website and blog is going to be very helpful and I appreciate your good work a lot. Thank you. Jesse Larsen, Bellingham, WA

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