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4 Healthy Dessert Ideas For Weight Loss

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However, they’re also extremely difficult to keep since eating well is such a huge part of losing weight. Here, I’ll share some quick and easy healthy dessert ideas for you to try to keep you on track this year. 1. Frozen Fruit.

Freezing fruit can trick you into believing you’re eating hard candy. You’ll love these Chocolate-Mint Bars if you’re a big fan of the thin chocolate-mint Girl Scout cookies or Andes candies. Refrigerating the bars allows the mint layer and glaze to set properly. For a more grown-up taste, you can substitute dark chocolate chips for some or. 1. Grilled fruit.

Try throwing pineapple, banana, apple, or pear slices on the grill. “There’s nothing healthier than sticking with fresh fruit, and on the grill, it becomes even sweeter,” Gans says. Healthy dessert recipes can be tricky. We’re not about sickly sweet stuff, but there are some cravings only a brownie can satisfy. That’s why we love healthyish desserts, which use feel-good. 65+ Healthy Dessert Ideas. so you can snack like you’re a kid again, without feeling the guilt.

Whole wheat flour and Greek yogurt keep these cakes flavorful and moist while adding fiber. This “pudding” from Chris Mohr, Ph.D., R.D., gets its creaminess from an avocado, which is packed with heart-healthy fats that will keep you feeling full and satisfied.“The cacao powder is a. That’s why, we believe that if you’ve just cooked a delicious, healthy dinner recipe that your whole family loved, and are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, it helps to have a few healthy dessert ideas on hand.

To help you out, we’re sharing our favorite guilt-free recipes that are still decadent, even though they’re lighter. Dessert’s your kryptonite, you say? Never fear.

We asked our favorite team of nutritionists—Karen Ansel, R.D., Maureen Callahan, R.D., and Rachel Meltzer Warren, R.D.—to name. Top 10 Healthy Desserts. Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookie Bars. Healthy Gluten Free Lemon Bars.

Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Healthy Carrot Cake. Healthy Chocolate Nice Cream.

Chocolate Protein Cookies. Healthy Peanut Butter Cups. Coconut Flour Chocolate Mug Cake.

10 Delicious Clean Eating Dessert Recipes Dec 16, 2016 Life’s too short to never eat dessert, and it’s much easier to stick to a healthy eating plan if you’re not feeling deprived.

List of related literature:

Likewise, a dessert such as the Roasted Peaches with Ricotta and Almonds (page 266) or a fruit crisp made with oats (see the Triple-Berry Granola Crisp on page 268) offers you antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fat, while a piece of lemon pound cake or an eclair offers you none of these.

“The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
from The Best Life Diet
by Bob Greene
Simon & Schuster, 2007

for the topping D/e cup all-purpose flour B/c cup (packed) light brown sugar B/c cup old-fashioned oats B/c cup shredded sweetened coconut for the filling 4 medium apples, peeled, cored and cut into B/c-inch chunks 1 cup fresh orfrozen cranberries (if frozen, don’t thaw)

“Baking: From My Home to Yours” by Dorie Greenspan
from Baking: From My Home to Yours
by Dorie Greenspan
HMH Books, 2013

For a healthful dessert, treat yourself to Cristina’s Phyllo Cups with Greek Yogurt, Fresh Peaches and Honey—they are super tasty.

“Eat Like a Woman: A 3-Week, 3-Step Program to Finally Drop the Pounds and Feel Better Than Ever” by Staness Jonekos, Marjorie Jenkins
from Eat Like a Woman: A 3-Week, 3-Step Program to Finally Drop the Pounds and Feel Better Than Ever
by Staness Jonekos, Marjorie Jenkins
Harlequin, 2014

2 Caribbean Fruit Shortcake: Omit strawberries, ½ cup sugar added to fruit and whipped cream.

“Betty Crocker Cookbook, 11th Edition: 1500 Recipes for the Way You Cook Today” by Betty Crocker
from Betty Crocker Cookbook, 11th Edition: 1500 Recipes for the Way You Cook Today
by Betty Crocker
HMH Books, 2011

The desserts listed in this section all have wholesome ingredients—unrefined grains, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruit, herb seasoning, and quality sweeteners.

“Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition” by Paul Pitchford
from Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition
by Paul Pitchford
North Atlantic Books, 2002

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Hi!! I’m from Italy!! Your recipes are very good and smart!! Just une thing: please, could you write the weight in grams near the cups? Thank you ❤️����

  • مافيش حد بيعمل رجيم دايت نظام صحي الا بيعمل دوكان
    علي الاقل يوم في الاسبوع
    . تيجي نشوف ازاي كل الانظمه ببتنصح بيوم واحد من غير نشويات علي الاقل في المرحله الثانيه من دوكان بروتين وخضار وده كان بالنسبالي مستحيل بدوخ وصدع واكره الرجيم لكن مع دوكان ادخال معلقتين نخاله او شوفان اورده ومع الوصفات استحاله تحس انه دايت اصلا

    هتاكل لحد ماتشبع في كل الانظمه انا جربت كتير ودي الخلاصه تزود بروتين وتقلل نشويات يوم بعد يوم علي الاقل
    تعالو نشوف كل الانظمه بتستخدم دوكان ازاي

    لونفسك تخس يوم في نشويات ويوم اويومين في الاسبوع يلغي النشويات
    سالي فؤاد بتنصح انك تزود بروتين وبعد المغرب تاكل بروتينات( دوكان )
    الصيام المتقطع ينصح باستخدام نظام صحي تقلل فيه النشويات
    د نيللي وحكايات الدايت بتعتمد يوم نشويات ويوم نلغيها او نقللها
    سفاح الفات بيقولك ايه ابداء بسيد الطعام. اللي هو بردو البروتينات
    دوكان هيساعدكم
    اخس من غير ما ابطل اكل

    دوكان دايت dukan diet. وصفات دوكانيه
    Ummmy diet. 5 minet
    هنأكل كل اللي نفسنا فيه ونحافظ علي وزننا الوصفات بتشبع جدا جدا ومتنوعه جدا جدا جدا جدا طيب ماتيجي نشوف

  • To everyone who thinks you shouldn’t have desserts

    Not supposed to be dieting ladies! Change to healthy living choices

    It’s what works!
    Life is about all the delicious things

  • It’s been really hard for me to lose weight because of my depression. The only thing that makes me seem to feel better is food. Then at school I get bullied for being overweight. Any tips? ❤️

  • Really very tasty and healthy…. I love this channel.. The best YouTube food channel❤❤.. And to those people who are complaining about the ingredients and calories then please deserts are not for u…. ��

  • English medicine are such copycats and cheats took away all our Ayurveda thunder, ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph are exactly the same,,,???

  • Thank you, Chef AJ for having these two on. Dr. Mcdougall is the very first doctor I found to help me eat healthy. Although, through the death of my Mom & Husband, I would briefly slide back, I always found my way back. This time it’s been almost 4 years & I’m sticking with it. I’m 62 & not only am I in good health (no meds), normal weight & feeling great, the bonus is I started running 4 years ago & still going strong! It’s been an excellent outlet for getting through anxiety, depression & this pandemic. I love you guys & I have all of your books, too. So grateful for you. Peace.

  • Thanks a lot for sharing this incredible recipes, I have a question in the chocolate candy: can I replace the coconut oil with regular butter or peanut butter?

  • These desserts are NOT healthy at all. All of these recipes contains flour wich is one of the foods you not allowed to eat if you want to lose weight.. and the honey also contains lots of sugar. If you want to lose weight you should not eat any carb ( flour or sugar as in these recipes).

  • What’s YOUR fave dessert to enjoy right now? Grab my full Healthy Desserts playlist at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ5c-6vkgU2kyYbgCCCmhLK0OybfiSWp7
    xoxo Lacey

  • Our absolute FAVORITES!!! Thanks for having them on. They are an incredible couple and they’ve helped so many. I am so thankful for them.

  • second recipe was sooooo under-baked. add double baking powder, keep it extra 15-20 min in oven and you will have amazing cake…. better replace yogurt with kefir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please show us what are going to be making before you make it so we know what are we watching. I love this channel so much! who agrees?

  • I recommend this recipe for pancakes
    Milk 1mug full
    Eggs 2
    Flour 1 mug full
    Powdered sweetener 1tbsp
    Butter(salted) just a little bit slither
    Those are very easy to get addicted to but perfect for special accations

  • Thing is, maybe the brownie was good, 100 calories per serving. But most of the others were so bad, I mean That little stuffed biscuit in the end has 210 cal… LMAO i could easily eat 5 of them to feel I had dessert. They are healthy definitely but not optimal for dieting..

  • Kinda sad how many nutrition experts we have in the comments saying you can’t lose fat without exercising?! Lies. The whole point of weight loss is to be in a caloric deficit, meaning you eat less than you burn. To know how many calories you need to sustain your weight, calculate your BMR and count calories from activies throughout the day. If you do not exercise at all, the average BMR is around 2000 calories. For example if your BMR is 1800, you need to eat 300-500 calories less. You can go further if you can persist, but don’t go below 1000 as that is too dangerous for your health. Exercise isn’t what makes you lose weight. It’s a tool to help. If you eat 2000 calories and burn 150 through exercise, you’ll lose 7*150 Calories a week, which in total is a third of calories in half a kilogram ( 500g/1pound is 3,500 Calories) That means, weight loss is 80% food, 20% exercise.

  • Delightful! They are so REAL and communicate life-saving nutritional truth in an easy to understand manner with easy to follow methodology. Thank you!

  • instead of nut butter can you use normal butter? and if you are replacing almond flour with normal flour do you replace with self raising or plain? great ideas btw

  • Omg the chocolate one is DELICIOUS! It’s super good but it is a little bitter. However I myself am a huge fan of dark chocolate so it’s fine!

  • Good information
    Kindly guide me as daily motion is not clear I am vata dosh weight is 37
    Tell daily diet from morning to night for good digestion & clear motion is ashwagandha good if you are having digestion problem
    Kindly tell do’s and don’ts
    Guide my early

  • Hey!! The video was amazing but acc to the question uh asked my vata resulted to be more and pitta and kapha were equal but then i have sinus issues and cold issues as well. So i just got confused whether i have vata kapha dosha or vata dosha?? Can uh answer me asap?? Coz now this is becoming a realy serious issue in which i have lot of hair fall acne and obesity thinning of hair and hair fall body pain etc. And what ayurvedic medications i can go through?? So that i could get best result??
    I hope uh answer this soonest♥️
    Thank you ����

  • How I love these two extremely special people!!! I am eternally grateful to Dr. John and Mary McDougall. He lead me on the transitional journey solely through his first books and Mary gets just as much credit due to her wonderful, wholesome recipes that I still make. I’ve been a McDougallite for 16 years and I’ll be 70 on October 16th of this year.

    I so enjoy watching the McDougalls together in interviews. They are such a wonderful couple. This made my day!! Thank you, A.J. for hosting this interview today!

  • I just tried your creps recipe and…they are delicioooous!! Besides, it’s so easy to prepare and if you want to low down the caloric index even more you can use oatmeal flour instead of white wheat flour. Also, I love the music! Well done you!!!

  • to be honest for a bodybuilding kid who is 14 years old not healthy well what can ya say im only 14 and a boy kid so ye good bye xD

  • 5 Ways to Cut 100 Calories From Snacks:

    1-Buy pre-measured snacks, no more than 100 calories.
    2-Choose fruit over a bag of pretzels.
    3-Choose plain yogurt over flavored yogurt.
    4-Choose flavored seltzer over soda.
    5-Choose celery stalks over dried fruit.

  • Thanks for the video ❤️ can I substitute the almond flour for the coconut flour for the first recipe?? All I have is coconut but idk if it’ll taste the same

  • Hi Chef AJ, I was not able to listen to the podcast live. I live in Melbourne Florida and wanted to know if Dr McDougall or you knows of any doctors in my area that espouse his program. Thank you!

  • Another thing on my shopping list: a food processor/blender!
    I have a feeling that dates are gonna be a staple in my grocery list from now onXD

  • Made the coconut dates they’re in the freezer rn ���� can’t wait to try didn’t have a food processor so just tried a normal blender than got a wooden spoon and tried to smooth them down hopefully they’re okay

  • the inner child in me is giggling! the italian in me says “bella”! the personal trainer in me is saying yes! you know your stuff. thank you!

  • I need to learn how to eat like this. I’ve been mostly raw food with a large handful of nuts..almond milk…almond yogurt…no starch except oats. No salt or oil…i drink green tea..im really skinny w cholesterol around 140. But my blood pressure is sky high even w med. If this way of eating would just bring down my blood pressure…nothing ever has…but I would start cooking more if this starch diet would do it. And thank you sooo much for bringing us this wonderful interview.

  • Crepes-8 grams of sugar
    Banana cake-11 grams of sugar
    Brownie-7 grams of sugar
    Peanut butter cookies: 10 grams of sugar..
    That’s a lot of sugar for a diet

  • As wonderful as the Starch Solution lifestyle turned out to be, THE BEST thing by far this legendary man ever did was marry this woman! Mary❤️

  • I do the dates snack the exact same way as yours but I add mine with mangos and blend it with wth the dates. And omg it taste amazing

  • All your ingredients are great except for the canola oil!!! Switch the canola to coconut oil!!! Canola and vegetable oils are terrible for us, it causes inflammation in the body!!!

  • I was able to lose 16 lbs in 30 days. If loosing weight is on your list of resolution this year, watch short video in my channel. Stay motivated always!

  • Wow! Lacey, thank you so much for providing these delicious healthy recipes for all of us! I feel like I hit the mother load! Cannot wait to try some of them out! So nice of you to put these out there for the world! ��❤️

  • These people are the BEST! Makes me wonder why Dr McDougall is overlooked on some of the big program panels. He’s dedicated his life to making people healthier by eating properly. Love this man.

  • A few years ago I lost 35 pounds and weighed 150lbs at 5′ 8″ and people were always telling me to stop with the dieting you are way to thin…lol

  • I love how clear and white plant based eaters eyes are. As most people age the whites of their eyes usually turn red or yellow and the glow goes out of them. It is a sign of great health along with lovely skin…just look at these two glowing

  • These folks are great!!��
    The fact that there’s all the free recipes and information on the McDougall website is indicative of the kind of people they are….compassionate and caring..thank you������

  • When your sister is using the hair dryer next to you, and you’re watching a cooking video without hearing anything, at the same time reading the automatic English subtitles all about love

  • Very sweet… they seem wonderful… maybe next time Mary could do the interview on her own… I wanted to hear more from her �� all good. Thanks AJ! A wonderful record of a generous and selfless couple… lovely

  • I am 76 on no medications, I been on many different plant based diets. I was doing research on my grandson who is 6 just diagnosed with type one diabetes, and
    My research led me to a new world. Thank you

  • I love the McDougalls! I followed the McDougall Plan in 1999 and lost 70 pounds. I had the pleasure of corresponding with Dr. McDougall by email. He was very nice and extremely helpful. I was able to reverse my health problems and infertility. I had 2 boys and owe it to Dr. McDougall’s Maximum Weight Loss program.


  • What I appreciate most about the Dr is his tenacity including not giving a crap about putting his factual concepts out there, once upon a time, insults be damned. Im sure there were many that scoffed at him initially. Thank you Dr, and his lovely wife. #GoStarch

  • Mary McDougall is an angel, she helped me so much, from her early recipes to her current ones and I love her Mary’s Mini Diet, she and her diet helped me lose so much weight! Mary, Dr. M, and AJ all helped me lose over 200 pounds! Thank You! P.S. Mary, you are a great speaker, I’ve seen all your online videos! Stay well, stay safe and God Bless!

  • Chef AJ thank you so much. You have unwittingly made here an historical record of two wonderful and important health Pioneers. It was such a priviledge to be privy to their personal stories and progress in “Making the Change” for their family and patients alike. I can’t tell you how much appreciation and love I am feeling right now, God bless you and your work. xxx

  • I clicked on the playlist but I can’t find the recipe for the chocolate zucchini bread. There are a bunch of videos that are private. Could one of those be the one I’m looking for?

  • Haha and you thought it was just going to be Mary! Mary doesnt mind John taking over but that’s how they roll ��Just goes to show that they are a team, I love how Mary has always been in the background supporting John (and John obviously supports and adores Mary). What a wonderful couple ��

  • Hands down… the best interview you have done Chef AJ!!! I could listen to Mary talk all day long…she is such a wealth of information. Please beg her to come back and cook some of her favorite simple meals. That would be soooo awesome!! I just love the Mcdougalls sooooooooooo much!!!!!

  • Dear Fittuber,
    I always catch cold because of which i was operated for nasal polyp. After operation my cold has increased, nobody talks to me,people avoid me because I am always suffering from cold. Please help

  • Muy rico todo y muy saludable pero podrías poner los ingredientes también en español apenas descubrí tu Canal y me encantó pero hay ingredientes que no le entiendo muchas gracias por enseñarnos a comer saludable Dios te bendiga. P.D. ojalá y si veas mi comentario

  • Wow what an amazing legacy interview. This is an important document. Praise to Chef AJ for getting such an interesting and intimate conversation from these two greats.

  • Wonderful! Thanks to YOU, Chef AJ and the McDougalls as well as a few other of your favorite doctors making this information available, my husband and I are reclaiming our health. I really can’t thank all of you enough. Take care.

  • I know this sound weird but can I try the cookie skillet one without the chocolate chips because I don’t know where to find any healthy chocolate chips

  • THANK YOU so much!!!! i love to bake and make things for my family but my mom has to eat supper healthy so ive never been able to make anything for her. i made this and she loved it!
    i used a combination of coconut flour and oat flour
    i also cant use too much maple syrup so i used a tablespoon of that and two tablespoons of a powdered sugar substitute. since this changed the consistency i added some coconut milk until it became a dough!
    thank you!!!!

  • You are talking about Prakruthis and not doshas. Dosha means imbalance. When these Prakruthis are not in balance then they become doshas.

  • We love you Mary and Dr McDougall. I just finished watching your online Starch Solution Certificate program and really enjoyed your videos and recipes. I have been following The Starch Solution way of eating for 3 years. I have lost a total of 64 lbs and kept it off. I have lowered my blood pressure, cholesterol and liver enzymes and eliminated debilitating knee and foot pain and improved symptoms of IBS. Thanks for all you do!!

  • It was Dr. M’s statement about rice corn potatoes and sweet potatoes that made me wfpb! as a Filipino, rice have been demonized by many, thinking it was the one making them fat,. Rice is LIFE!
    Regards to the most adorable couple,.

  • Chef AJ. I can’t find the live stream comments anymore. I can’t find your answer to omega 3 and what to do for health. ��❤️. Please help!

  • The way I make my paleo chocolate is 1/2 cup or 8 tablespoons of cocoa powder and coconut oil with 2 tablespoons of pure maple syrup or honey but I prefer maple syrup. It’s also a healthier option:)

  • Hi, I don’t know if you’ve answered this al ready, but is it ok if I use a glass dish for the cookie skillet? I’m pretty new to baking, sorry. Thanks a ton!

  • These recipes are awesome! Thanks, Lacey. I have been craving sorbet and frozen yogurt treats so I will be making these with some of my frozen fruit. I love your healthy fudgicle recipe and have made it a few times now. I won’t go back to the commercial variety ever again! Thanks again, Lacey!

  • What an awesome interview!! These two people are so lovely! I have enjoyed watching them so much! Thank you, Chef AJ, for bringing them to us. I could watch them all day long!!

  • heyy…
    what can i use instead of coconut oil? also can i just use regular flour instead of the almond and coconut flour? thanks for making these they look delicious ��

  • Omg thank u my birthdays tomorrow and my teacher said that we are not aloud to have sweet treats ao we have to bring healthy treats and here u are saving the day again THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH ❤❤

  • 5:27 If u follow 1 meal per day diet plan by eating satvik foods,with right combinations,in right time,cooked in right utensil & also follow correct lifestyle habits like exercise,yoga,meditation…..etc.
    & last but not the least do “देवस्य नाम स्मरणं/वदनं” for overall well being
    If u do these U can easily balance the 3 doshas & easily live for 1000 yrs

  • I always comment, & praise u for me regaining my health & mobility. I too, am older than my hubby too, by 8 yrs.. I love these two too, i was very sick woman, you gave me the info & i did the hard work. Take care xo ❤️����❤️��������❤️����


    PLANT STRONG ����������������

  • for anyone who wants to do the cocoa cups i made them and my tip is to add more maple syrup if u want them sweeter cus theyre very dark!

  • What a great wife you are!! My hubby is pretty understanding also and eats whatever I make for him. He does cheat sometimes, but he is amazed by my control. Way to go! Great power couple!

  • Doctor Macdougall, you mentioned just at the end, that you feel you had a guiding hand, guiding you through it. You are right the guiding hand has a name its God, & his son is Jesus. God has blessed you both with a long and satisfying life ��������

  • Thanks very much, I got to know my dosha quite accurately and what’s more impressive is the foods that you told for my dosha type are exactly the type of foods that actually like to eat and avoid. Great content!!!

  • Are these actually healthy or are they healthy alternatives? Can someone plz answer cuz I don’t get the idea of healthy desserts and how they work��

  • Your recipes are so easy to make and to follow, with ingredients that can be find easily. Your channel is great for vegan friends
    Edit: it’s great for non-vegan friends too.. It’s great for everyone!

  • Hello Brother! Can you please make a video on people who have gallbladder removal surgery please!it would be helpful for 1000000 of people ����

  • Hi, this looks so great! For the chocolate chip skillet cookie, would I be able to make them into mini circles, so they would be like mini cookies?

  • These are good recipes; however, I want to point out that they are not necessarily healthy, and you definitely shouldn’t include them often in your diet. The addition of oils, grains, and other fats like cream cheese make them higher in calories than what is often reasonable on a low-calorie diet. Remember these recipes also include sugar, even if they don’t add any refined sugar (chocolate chips, for example, and a dessert with pineapple AND banana will be high in sugar). These are good alternatives to when you probably WILL serve dessert, like on a holiday. Use these recipes instead of getting a store-bought cake, and then you’ll be far better aligned with weight loss goals!

  • I don’t have butter at home can i don’t put butter (i forget the name) but i don’t have peanut butter also so can i with out butter??

  • these deserts will still help with weight loss cuz they get rid of cravings and they can be filling for less calories than normal deserts. Just remember to count your calories and macronutrients.

  • Hello @fit tuber, thanks for this video, but I would like to request you for making an extended version of this video: which states that,in a particular season a particular body type person should eat what in order to keep their respective dosha balanced, I reasearched a lot what food item should I avoid in rainy season if I am vata pitas dosha, but may be I am not that smart to conclude thru various blogs I have read or may be the info is not sufficient so please make an extended video on this topic

  • Can you take absolute measurements?
    Honestly, no one knows how much fits in that cup of yours. Won’t hurt to write how many gramm that is

  • Hello Friends! Hope you enjoyed the video ��. Don’t forget to share your dosha result (example: Pitta Kapha) down below. Also wanted to clarify, for results with two doshas, let’s say “Vata Pitta” you need to consciously cut down both Vata increasing foods and Pitta increasing foods. Although, you need not completely strike any food off your diet. Doing so will help you balance all the three doshas which is the key to physical and mental wellbeing. I will be doing a 1 hour Q&A session tomorrow on Instagram at 11 AM to address your doubts http://www.instagram.com/fittuber

    I wish you good health
    Fit Tuber

  • These look so delicious!! Can’t believe I found this until now ��. I can’t wait to try them! Also, do you know how many calories are there in the recipes? Thank you ���� have a great day ☺️

  • Love Mary’s diet philosophy. The KISS method to great health. Breakfast: Hash brown potatoes, Lunch: Baked potatoes, Dinner: Mashed potatoes. Too many people overthink. Just keep it simple. Well done AJ.

  • bhai ye vata pitta kapha kyo bolte ho vat pitt kaph kyo nhi bolte sahi sabad bola kro north India ho ya south India sab jagah to yahi bola jata hai

  • Thanks AJ for yet another great interview, such lovely people. Watching this eating my brown rice bowl with sweet potato, green beans and broccoli �� absolutely delicious ��

  • Hi My friend Fit tuber,
    You really made a good video, very good information, keep it up Ayurveda is the best.
    My total is 2A, 6B, 7C
    What is my result in this case is I’m 8th type Kapha Pitta or 3rd type just Kapha.
    Your reply will be greatly appreciated.
    Jai Shree Ram.
    Har Har Mahadev

  • I just made the peanut butter cookies. I didn’t want to use a blender so I mixed the wet ingredients with a whisk but the mixture was became really viscous in comparison to the runny mixture in the vid. also I used all purpose flour instead of wheat flour. when I mixed the wet and dry, my dough was superrrrr crumbly so I added 1 more tbsp of honey and 1/4 more tsp vanilla extract. I’m not sure what role my flour choice or the viscous wet mixture contributed to that…anyway I put the dough in a conventional oven instead of an actual bigger oven and I baked them for 20 mins and the cookies were actual ROCKS. i don’t even think they expanded in size at all. I think it’s my fault for not paying attention to stopping the baking process when the cookies turn golden brown bec the bottom of the cookies were a bit burnt…but they were sooo absent of sweetness that I ended up eating them with vanilla ice cream/peanut butter/nutella so next time imma just use a regular recipe ��

    the good news is that I can just crumble up the rest of my cookies into bread crumbs for any next dessert I make ��

  • I don’t understand why is everyone complaining with the fact that maybe it hasn’t help or they just think it won’t help them. Maybe it has work for some and not for others because of they actual nutrition or because their systems aren’t working in the same way. It didn’t work then find any other thing that might help you don’t just start complaining, find a solution

  • At this point he’s all rounded educator/entertainer, well thought out n well produced video.
    Acting on point, the informations are a gift.
    Thank you

    Gosh it was so good ��
    I didn’t have most of the ingredients so I changed it abit
    almond flour to flour
    coconut oil to olive oil
    maple syrup to honey

    but it was amazing anyways

  • Made the chocolate hearts today and they were super duper yummy. It had that rich and good quality taste with simple ingredients. I had the same heart shaped silicon mold from IKEA, so had to try these ones. Thanks for great recipes! ��

  • the chocolate chip skillet recipe is AMAZING but i did change it up a bit. I used normal flour, peanut butter, honey, oil and i made them into normal cookies, not a skillet. You can literally make so many changes to the recipe and it will still taste awesome. THANK U SO MUCH!!!

  • Hi Vivek, I have a,b & c equal meaning Tridosa. I feel I am highly imbalanced as all negatives of the three doshas are there in me. Please guide me solutions for tridoshas. Looking forward for your support

  • I took another quiz and got the same results as I got here but it’s not related to Body type! OMG I am surprised! TQSM for your time

  • Being an Ayurvedic practitioner I can say dat u have done good job for common people to understand this subject…. Keep this good work

  • Hinduism is full of knowledge wisdom love ❣️ forgiveness brotherhood and compassion towards others,in Hinduism u will get aurveda, astrology numerology vastu astronomy science maths sanskrit and surgery also,nasa Germany and russian ppl are doing research on our sclpture on the other hand our own country ppl are rejected their own roots and knowledge

  • I’m ayurveda student n ur knowledge on ayurveda is on point you have covered all the essential points at it’s best as possible, I’m glad many people LL get to know their prakruti well

  • Hey! Does anyone have a substitute for the coconut oil in the cookie skillet? I want to try and make it today, but I do not have any coconut oil. Also with the macro’s and serving size? I’m very new to dieting and have no clue how to find out that pesky info on baked goods. Thank you!!! <3
    Edit: Spelling mistakes

  • Thank you for sharing this info, I stared using this two years ago, my diet can be hit and miss at times. I love Ayurveda herbs also, it has helped my hair a great deal. Kapha and Vata are now my dosha. When I was younger I leaned more towards the Pitta dosha.