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10 Beautiful Parks & Green Spaces in San Francisco. 1. FORT MASON. Photo Credit: Patrick Nouhailler | Flickr. The go-to Fleet Week spot, Fort Mason has about as much wide-open sky as any city-goer 2. GOLDEN GATE PARK.

Photo Credit: James | Flickr. The city’s largest park is. THE BEST PARKS AND GREEN SPACES IN SAN FRANCISCO. 16 PLACES. UPDATED APR 20, 2020.

San Francisco is the ideal city for outdoor enthusiasts. To get your fix, head to one of these beautiful parks and enjoy some time in nature without ever leaving the city. LARISSA RUNKLE FITT SAN-FRANCISCO. The 10 Secret Parks Of San Francisco You’ve Never Heard Of But Need To Visit. San Francisco is a city full of incredible green space.

The best time to explore these parks is sooner rather than later. Here are some of the most overlooked and worthwhile parks in the city. Let us know what you think of these beautiful parks. #64 of 118 Nature & Parks in San Francisco San Francisco for the spring and summer seasons, please remember to visit the Rose Garden in Golden Gate Park.” “Garden is easily accessible via public transportation and in walking distance to other attractions from the Park.”.

Beauty lurks in many places around San Francisco from hilltops and many wonderful vista points. We’re lucky to have both natural and man made beauty, which many may take for granted in the 415. Next time you take a day off or want to explore our beautiful city, venture out to these spots and visit some of the 20 most beautiful and incredible. In this summer of social distancing, many of us are spending more time outside, whether in our favorite parks or discovering new green spaces. And though San Francisco restaurants are beginning to open for limited outdoor dining, takeout is still de rigueur for foodies seeking a.

San Francisco’s countless urban parks help to make it one of the most beautiful and desirable cities to call home. While Mission Dolores and Golden Gate Park draw national attention, some of the best parks in San Francisco are harder to find. Let’s explore The City to learn what makes each of these unique parks so great!

Enjoy – and support — S.F.’s open spaces. Andy Goldsworthy’s sculpture “Spire” in the Presidio is among the treasures in San Francisco parks, which benefit from private funding in. While most “city parks” are slim patches of green mostly covered in cigarette buttes, San Francisco can barely contain all of its green space. And it’s not just meadows of grass we’re talking.

The hundreds of parks in San Francisco offer you no shortage of activities. Enjoy beaches, hills, impressive man-made architecture or natural wonders. Whether you’re into golf, tennis, or simply strolling through the City by the Bay, you’ll never get bored!

Here are a few of the most popular parks you shouldn’t miss when visiting San Francisco.

List of related literature:

Olmsted felt that parks should be large enough to shut out the city and that green spaces could inspire courtesy, self-control, and temperance.

“Introduction to Recreation and Leisure, 3E” by Tapps, Tyler, Wells, Mary Sara
from Introduction to Recreation and Leisure, 3E
by Tapps, Tyler, Wells, Mary Sara
Human Kinetics, 2018

On this island that calls itself a garden city, there are twelve city and heritage parks, thirteen community parks, six coastal parks, five southern ridge parks, six nature parks, four nature reserves, seven riverine parks, the Botanic Gardens, the Zoological Gardens, and the Gardens by the Bay.

“Ministry of Moral Panic” by Amanda Lee Koe
from Ministry of Moral Panic
by Amanda Lee Koe
Epigram Books, 2013

These included Lincoln Park, Washington Park, Douglas Park, Garfield Park, Humboldt Park, Gage Park, and Jackson Park—the last of which, designed by Olmsted, emerged as the buildings and spaces of the World’s Columbian Exposition rose to its west.

“Manifest Destinations: Cities and Tourists in the Nineteenth-Century American West” by J. Philip Gruen
from Manifest Destinations: Cities and Tourists in the Nineteenth-Century American West
by J. Philip Gruen
University of Oklahoma Press, 2014

A new generation of city planners followed Andrew Green, as well as Olmsted and Vaux, in placing parks at the center of a system of boulevards and parkways, but unlike Green, they preferred diagonal avenues to the existing Manhattan street grid, which they dismissed as monotonous and inefficient.

“The Park and the People: A History of Central Park” by Roy Rosenzweig, Elizabeth Blackmar
from The Park and the People: A History of Central Park
by Roy Rosenzweig, Elizabeth Blackmar
Cornell University Press, 1992

Although Seattle now has over 400 parks and open spaces, in 1900 there were only three: Kinnear, Volunteer, and Denny parks.

“Seattle Stairway Walks: An Up-and-Down Guide to City Neighborhoods” by Jake Jaramillo, Cathy Jaramillo
from Seattle Stairway Walks: An Up-and-Down Guide to City Neighborhoods
by Jake Jaramillo, Cathy Jaramillo
Mountaineers Books, 2012

Parks are not the only green spaces in the city.

“Conservation Psychology: Understanding and Promoting Human Care for Nature” by Susan Clayton, Gene Myers
from Conservation Psychology: Understanding and Promoting Human Care for Nature
by Susan Clayton, Gene Myers
Wiley, 2015

This calls for green spaces that are not perfectly manicured but include diverse components of green such as adventure areas, wilderness areas, playgrounds, amongst others.

“Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change” by Melissa R. Marselle, Jutta Stadler, Horst Korn, Katherine N. Irvine, Aletta Bonn
from Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change
by Melissa R. Marselle, Jutta Stadler, et. al.
Springer International Publishing, 2019

As a result, green spaces give rise to particular cultural groups such as “naturalists”—park visitors whose primary activities include walking, exploring the natural offerings (e.g., trails, the beach, wooded areas), dog walking, fishing, and camping.

“Rethinking Urban Parks: Public Space and Cultural Diversity” by Setha Low, Dana Taplin, Suzanne Scheld
from Rethinking Urban Parks: Public Space and Cultural Diversity
by Setha Low, Dana Taplin, Suzanne Scheld
University of Texas Press, 2009

The latter provide urban settings such as parks, public gardens, and grass verges along highways with visually striking green spaces, which attract wildlife and require little maintenance (Figure 8).

“International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home” by Susan J. Smith
from International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home
by Susan J. Smith
Elsevier Science, 2012

The public green network of the City of Padua includes the historical green spaces of the city centre, mainly located next to the 15 century walls, the semi-natural riparian areas of the river network that characterizes the city, and of the many new neighborhood parks included in the suburban areas of new development.

“Forests, Trees and Human Health” by Kjell Nilsson, Marcus Sangster, Christos Gallis, Terry Hartig, Sjerp de Vries, Klaus Seeland, Jasper Schipperijn
from Forests, Trees and Human Health
by Kjell Nilsson, Marcus Sangster, et. al.
Springer Netherlands, 2010

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  • I would like to hear an opinion from someone that has actually been to all the National Parks. Preferably more than just driven through.

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  • Awesome vid, mama. I love San Fran. Downtown has turned into a shytehole but once you get out of there It’s absolutely incredible. Nothing like some mountains and great views to remind you of how awesome this planet really is,

  • God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16. God loves each and every single one of yall! ��❤️��

  • Talented guy, but… call my vision narrow or dated or whatever but to me it is sad to see explicit cocaine propaganda… dis, ignore.

  • Looking forward to visiting all national parks as soon as we retire and get a RV. We have been to many of these, but still woild love to take time to enjoy each of these. ��

  • 7:10 over ninety (90) MILLION trails. I’ve been to Crater lake several times, never realized i have 89 million 989 thousand more trails yet to hike.

  • my mom brother and i did i trip recently and made it to bighorn canyon, beartooth pass, yellowstone, great tetons, salt lake city,

  • Absolutely unbelievable stuff. You are a genius dude. I looked to to hear where the music was, and the venue! MAN I WISH IT WAS ME. Boris, you just know how it rolls. Rock on from Western Australia.

  • i am watching from ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8_NW6CoFlk&t=184s ) Nepal.
    this so nice video an it is completely different world for us. so beautiful Places.

  • This is just stupid really Fresno riverside kern there are some nice spots in these county’s but mostly bad riverside some of the worst motorcycle gangs in America

  • Usa. The land which once was roamed heavily by the feet of red indians land which once was seen only like a forest all over… Just vast stretches of land and sky…… All the best gifts were given here by god…it gives us a feeling of being in a heaven….. Usa is more than all still….

  • Yellowstone is redundant of other parks. Grand Canyon is unique and overpowering and should be considered No. 1 rather than No. 2.

  • Not many people know of it and its a shame, but Black Canyon of The Gunnison is one of the most coolest places you can see. Surprised its not on here

  • I live in San Diego County and it’s beautiful but one thing about living in San Diego the cost of living is very expensive she should have picked it as number one or number two ��

  • ALL I can hope is this person never visited these parks and just took it off the internet this list is atrocious anybody basing thier decision off this please don’t

  • There’s this giant blue egg and people are like “what is this egg? we should like.. totally gather here.. drop everything you do, just come over here to this weird giant blue egg so we can.. you know.. just.. be here.. “

  • I wanna go visit USA!! I’m thinking about going there in the future when I have some more money. I hope I will be able to find a job that allows me to go travel around in the country at the same time I work!! That would’ve been the fucking best!!!

  • At 12:15, did you by any chance mean the 5th highest peak in the contiguous 48 states? Because I’ve been to Alaska and they easily have tens of peaks higher than Mt. Rainier.

    OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK IS AT LEAST IN TOP TEN! If you look anywhere online Olympic park WAY outpaces at least 15 of the parks on this list.

  • The moment she mentioned liberals you know its down hill from there. dude kern county and Fresno are actually the worst places in the state don’t even mention those cities/counties its embarrassing lol

  • Honestly, any park east of the Mississippi River shouldn’t make the cut (except maybe the Everglades!). There’s nothing in the Eastern US which can compare to the rugged wilderness of the American West, Alaska, and Hawaii. Even Mono Lake in California, which is neither a National Park nor a National Monument, is more impressive than any national park in the Eastern US, in my opinion. And then there are places like the Aleutian Islands which are probably better left mostly unknown/unexplored.

    *Some parks I personally wish had made the top 25:

    Channel Islands California’s version of the Galapagos. Absolutely magical place. You’ll spend the rest of your life wishing you could go back.

    Joshua Tree this might be more nostalgia for me since it’s near my hometown and I’ve been there a million times. It definitely does feature some of the most iconic landscapes, dotted with the namesake Joshua trees, in the world though-as evidenced by the countless music videos and movie scenes filmed out there.

    Gates of the Arctic come on, the top 25 definitely needs to feature more Alaska parks. Alaska is so massive and those parks are some of the most remote and untamed wilderness areas in the entire world. Especially Gates of the Arctic-the least visited park in the entire system. It’s not the least visited due to lack of beauty, but due to the fact that getting there at all is an expedition in itself. Absolutely incredible stretch of land and rugged mountains at the top of the world that should be top 25 for sure!

    Another Alaska park I mean, really, out of the other 5, another Alaska one has to be in the top 25. Glacier Bay, perhaps?

    *Parks I feel like don’t really belong on the top 25 list (besides the East of the Missisippi ones-I won’t mention them again):

    Rocky Mountain I may get some flack for this, but this park is one of the most underwhelming parks I’ve personally been to. Yes, it’s beautiful, and I’m glad that the park exists, but it basically just feels like all the other mountainous areas in Colorado. This park just really didn’t do it for me. Again, I’m glad part of the Colorado Rockies is being protected/appreciated, but it just wasn’t my favorite.

    Canyonlands I mean, it’s cool. I’ve been there. But it’s definitely a rather boring experience-much less interesting than nearby Arches. That’s why Arches receives tons of visitors and hardly anyone makes the trek out to Canyonlands. Basically, when you get there, there’s one single overlook where you can see the entire park, and that’s basically all there is to do unless you really want to do a backpacking trip or something. If the Grand Canyon didn’t exist, I would think much more highly of Canyonlands, but, unfortunately, Canyonlands pales in comparison quite a bit.

    Grand Teton I would hesitate to kick this out of the top 25 just because the mountains are so iconic. Maybe move it down to a much lower rank (right around 25). I’ve been through there twice when growing up. Both times, my dad just drove us through the main road down to Jackson Hole. Yes, the mountains are impressive, but basically you just see them from the road and that’s it. It’s a bit boring and underwhelming, frankly, if you previously just explored the awesome wonders of Yellowstone.

    *Underappreciated park that’s worth seeing!

    Teddy Roosevelt If you somehow find yourself all the way up in North Dakota, this park is actually a lot of fun and much more impressive than you’d expect. It’s a great place to spot bison, and if you happen to catch one standing atop one of the rock formations (we did!), it makes for an unforgettable photo op.

    Final note: National Monuments are really underappreciated. Over time, it seems that National Parks came to be viewed as superior, and that the National Monuments were the second tier. But there are some National Monuments which are absolutely incredible and definitely deserve to be viewed in the same status as national parks. For example, there’s Devil’s Tower, which was the first national monument (and that’s why they’ve always resisted changing its status-it really does encapsulate the idea of a “national monument” since it’s a free-standing stone structure). One of the most memorable things I ever did was watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind outside, at night, with Devil’s Tower in the background. I love that they do that there! And there’s Walnut Canyon in Arizona which is one of the most incredible places I’ve ever visited. Mesa Verde may be the most impressive of the Anasazi ruins, but there are so many other incredible sites to explore.

  • Desde Jaén kiero añadir k a mis vecinos y a los maderos NO les gusta la Musica…..esa astilla k toca el timbre cuando no esperas a nadie….que os vooy a contar, va la segunda y la primera fue lo tipico, el pureta y el recien aprobao que en el barrio no le queria nadie y decidio araparse y estudiar oposiciones, otros vieron su salida en el ejercito y acabaron amenazando a su compañero de guardia despues de lanzar la de fogeo y ya no sabemos x donde andan……eso si MEJOR:´)

  • For those of you who have not seen it, the series National Parks: America’s best idea by Ken Burns is worth watching! It details how they came to be, those individuals and organizations that not only worked and fought to establish them, but also protect them from the forces of greed and short-sightedness!

  • That’s something I once believed in. I currently hate national and most state parks. I will encourage alternatives. They’re terrible for who they employ for planning and trapping. They suck for being over inflated and when they aren’t they suck for being a reserve that has no plain boundary in which the resources are hunted for artificial stocking and to line their Republican pockets. These places suck just like the jolly green idiots that work there.

  • And all this time, I thought Tank Hill was named after the Ashbury Tank down the street on 1234 Clayton Street which is part of the city’s emergency water system used by the fire department. https://goo.gl/maps/33TnwL6fcG2QwzxZ6

  • What an absolute joke of a top 10 list. Why not throw Modoc and Imperial in there as well for good measure? It’s already obvious you aren’t even trying.

  • I go to the city almost every day and I’ve yet to set foot on the salesforce stuff. I’m totally missing out! You just inspired me to walk over there tomorrow!

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  • Im having a party here, in the beautiful city of Prague. Fuck covid, fuck comunist China, all the night clubs are open here. Enjoy life!

  • Looking at this video one would not get the impression that only 40% of the population are ethnic european foreign immigrants also there are no republican morons elected to public office in cali.

  • Another great Zeene video. Would you consider doing your take on how tourists can get around using the new Lyft e-bikes? How to find the closest bike, pro docking tips, etc? Thanks a bunch…

  • Atheists and all related, call me crazy,

    But when I see this, I could see people doing this in hell while burning ������this just looks satanic giving glory to each other.

  • If we could turn the time back to the 1990s that would have been the best thing every one was having fun no phones no cameras just music and drugs….


  • Thanks Boris Brejcha for the tracklist:

    01 / Redemption (Intro Version)
    02 / Butterflies
    03 / On His Way
    04 / Parallax
    05 / A Piece Of Light
    06 / Space Diver
    07 / Gravity (feat. Laura Korinth)
    08 / Take It Smart
    09 / Happinezz (feat. Ginger)
    10 / Pegasus
    11 / To The Moon And Back (feat. Ginger)
    12 / Lieblingsmensch
    13 / Knocking Birds
    14 / Blue Lake
    15 / Thunderstorm
    16 / EXIT
    17 / Shake It Down
    18 / Spicy (feat. Ginger)
    19 / Purple Noise

    All tracks from Boris Brejcha.

  • Credo che questa traccia,abbia avuto un bellissimo effetto in questo
    luogo fantastico. È incredibile la marea di persone presenti,credo sia stato qualcosa di veramente emozionante presentarla qui,emozionante per il pubblico e per
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  • Oh god, the Dr. Evil pinkie! Too funny!

    The gondola is an interesting way to get up to the park. So what was the in flight movie when you rode it? ��


  • When it got to the top ten and I still hadn’t seen Lassen, I was excited since I felt Lassen would get some respect. This list sucks. No Lassen?!?! You have Saguaro and no Lassen? I can maybe understand Kings Canyon and Badlands and Mt. Rushmore not making the list, but Lassen? Seriously, this feels like a list of the most famous and not the “Best” national parks.

  • Este es uno de los mejores Set que he escuchado en mi vida, Boris es un grande, un capo en lo que hace. Ojalá siga deleitándonos durante mucho tiempo más.

  • Love from the uk boris!! Your the man, rocking my underground man cave at 50,and I’m imagining the grass above me reaching the sky waving in the wind like little arms swaying to the music( and the worst thing of all I’m not even high just on your music)

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  • Better try to see them now before Trump leases them all to match stick manufacturers and oil companies. You know how much he hates national treasures like parks.

  • Ok repetitive build, includes non dancible beats, sped up sped up more and finally the beat drops. Everyone digs the. Fuck out of the drop. Repeat repetitive build up……… I say drop the beat and leave it!!!

  • You don’t often hear folks in Texas pronouncing “Rio Grande” correctly. Been living in San Antonio my whole life, and it’s still bizarre to me how we’ll correctly pronounce Bexar (like “Bear”) county, but butcher up Llano, Bandera, or Blanco.

  • Woh! Run that by me again! There are 90 MILLION trails in Crater Lake N.P.? Are you serious??
    #4 is ZYE-un, not ZYE-ahn, same as the mountain in Israel.
    Criticism aside, this is a beautiful video.

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  • nice Boris!! <3 BTW hehe maby im old but this all guys there...... for what the fuck they come there? making movies and move like a fucking zombies:D:D:D:D my times from '99 pleople fucking dancing best times ever


  • Thank you for the Salesforce transit center video. Very informative and a beautiful place. Can’t wait til it’s completely finished. Thank you so much for these videos.

  • I can’t believe Kenai Fjords National Park isn’t on the list. It is absolutely spectacular and one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

  • Big business are actually laughing in Friscans’ faces anytime somebody behaves giddily gushy over that there glorified dépôt of theirs..oh well.

  • Omg! I love the view from Tiburon. How far is it from downtown sanfrancisco? What time did you get there and was it on the weekdays? Does it usually get packed with people? Thank you.������

  • If you go to these park’s always bring a gun, machete, bear spray, something to protect yourself with. People and children go missing in these parks every year without a trace.

  • Did everyone mention that Boris made all of this music? His production sounds so big and clean. I think audiophile’s will appreciate the cohesion of all the tracks in this mix. GO BORIS!

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  • Thanks for the great tour! You make San Francisco, seem like a great place! That’s coming from someone, that currently lives in Los Angeles!LOL!

  • 7:16 I wonder why the most of houses have similar design? Color of walls and roofs, number of floors… Is it some local law or what? In Russia, we have of course many cottage towns, but there is no rules how to design your property. The look of your house/land is your choice. How is it in U.S?

  • WRONG! This video is wrong. Kern County, really? The smog and pollution capital of the state. San Berandino County is a crime ridden stay away place. I think you need to tour / live in parts of the sate before our make a video on California.

  • It’s a mistake to be doing this at county level. In Alameda County you have City of Alameda which is very safe, and also Oakland which is a shithole.

  • Don’t pay rent is the way to beat high rents. Start in a box and worm your way to a van, then an RV, then a back shack, then a bedroom for house work. Don’t pay rent man!

  • This is a REALLY BAD list!!!
    E.G.#10 ALAMEDA county???? Alameda county INCLUDESthe CRAP HOLEOAKLANDJUST YUK! ALL of IT!!

  • la is better than oc? i almost died of laughter. what a joke, this person has obviouly never been.

    I really died when they talked about beaches in san bernardino LOL

  • thanks for doing this. I’m not a fan of the Salesforce building dominating the SF skyline, but I do believe the park will be a good alternative place for safety as it seems well guarded and secure from crime. I did not notice dog walkers. nice to see greenery and nature as an oasis in the urban concrete!

  • San Bernardino County???? Come on it sucks!!! Riverside County isn’t much better. Who ever wrote this is not from California. Kern County isn’t to good either.

  • Nope. I am a Californian, born and raised, and there are so many other amazing places to live that are not on this bullshit list.

    Humboldt, Trinity, Mendocino, Marin, Napa, Sonoma, Placer (Tahoe), Santa Cruz, Monterey, Contra Costa ALL better than any of those. NorCal > SoCal

  • I’ll be in San Francisco for three weeks next year and your videos will help me find things to do there.
    As a French citizen, could you do a video on french places (restaurants, cafés, bistros, shops, etc.) in the future? That would be awesome:)
    Great job! Keep doing this!

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  • Just to be clear I’m not American okay I might have been born here my parents migrated here don’t include me with these fools����������

  • Do you love AMERICA you must read the article if you are going to visit because don’t miss any awesome place there ������


  • The only area that I agree is nice is Ventura county. Problem though not many can afford housing in this area, a one bedroom decent apartment is 2,000 a month.
    I agree with others that whoever write this is not from this state.
    Oh, and yeah, if you live in Riverside or San Bernadino it takes way longer than an hour to the beach. What this video missed was the traffic, horrid commutes to work each day is soul killing.

  • Just subscribed..I born and raised in sf (mission District)and still never been to the place u been thanks ima go visit now lol..thanks

  • Alemeda county is awful. Mayors and city council are all democrats and liberals. Ruined the area. You have to make tons of money to live comfortably in Ventura county, Bakersfield has one of the highest crime rates in America, Fresno is not much better than Bakersfield. You have to be rich to live in Santa clara and San Bernardino was Named Most Dangerous City In California, Riverside is also one of the most dangerous places in Ca. Ugh… These are the worst places to live in Ca. THe best places are no where near any of these places.

  • Life tip guys, never ever ever go off path in the woods or try to find your own path. My family and i got lost in the woods for 3 hours with no water.

  • All 58 counties have their amenities. With all due respect, I find it interesting Monterey County, Santa Barbara County, Santa Cruz County, Mariposa County, Napa County, Sacramento County and San Francisco County failed to make the list.

  • As a United States Marine I traveled to twenty-six countries. I have never had the chance to see much of anything in America. I am fully retired now and I can’t wait to see my country. America! SEMPER FIDELIS FOREVER AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • I feel this person need to be around alot of people, nightlife, traffic drama, etc. I’m retired don’t care to be in a big city I enjoy horse riding fishing skiing, and nature I move from sac to cederville a small town life no traffic lights I don’t like alot of people, traffic, nightlife is at the local bar. Population 300 regular mayberry we had more people at my high school in sac no homeless camps in this town most people own the homes and land plenty of room to move around here and no covid 19 cases so the best town list is truly your opinion. stay south the good life for me is up north.