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Swimming drills are a great way to focus on specific aspects of your stroke and to improve places where you might be lackinglike hand entry or head position in the water. Try to incorporate a minimum of 10 laps or so of swimming drills into your swim workouts or make them a. Ten reasons to dive in the pool and start swimming laps.

Nov 30, 2018 Ten reasons to dive in the pool and start swimming laps. Nov 30, 2018 Ten reasons to dive in the pool and start swimming laps… Tips to Swimming 12 Laps Without Losing a Lot of Energy. Twelve laps equals 24 lengths of the pool, and swimming that much will certainly require plenty of energy.

If you’re already fit, you should be able to complete those laps fairly easily. However, if you’re just starting out and aren’t yet in decent. Most people swim laps in a pool.

If you swim in an ocean or lake, make sure you know how to stay safe in open water with currents. Swimming is a great aerobic workout for people with most. Benefits of Swimming Laps Swimming increases your fitness, assists in recovery from injury, relieves stress and effectively burns calories, according to Bucknell University. When you swim laps, your body encounters 12 to 14 percent greater resistance than performing the. Like other aerobic exercise such as running, it can improve cardiovascular fitness as well as cholesterol levels, provided you swim at a brisk pace.

Aim to swim laps for 20 to 40 minutes at a pace that keeps your heart rate up. Start slowly; initially you may need to rest between laps. One hour of vigorous lap swimming can burn as much as 715 calories. The same amount of time running at 5 mph burns only 606 calories.

7. Swimming Slows Down Aging Swimming is Good. But in general, Matheny says you can expect to burn about 300 calories for a half hour of swimming freestyle laps at a moderate pace. Related Stories The 10. The last (and only) time I ever swam laps was in 1998 when I was forced to take swim lessons with my sister.

Long story short, I didn’t buy a swimsuit until March. Theoretically, if you could go swim laps alone without touching any surfaces or coming into contact with another person, it might be safe to do so. “If swimmers were in a large Olympic-style pool swimming laps and there was one swimmer in every other lane, then they are.

List of related literature:

Swimmers should include some sets of IM repeats in their training to help them perfect their changeover turns from one stroke to the next.

“Swimming Fastest” by Ernest W. Maglischo
from Swimming Fastest
by Ernest W. Maglischo
Human Kinetics, 2003

■ Swim restricted-breathing sets: Instead of breathing every one or two strokes, breathe every three, five, or seven.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
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One swimming time compared with three different ones makes my life much easier.

“Planning with Kids: A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting” by Nicole Avery
from Planning with Kids: A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting
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It’s a good challenge and a way to improve the backstroke part of my medley swims.

“Beneath the Surface: My Story” by Michael Phelps, Brian Cazeneuve, Bob Costas
from Beneath the Surface: My Story
by Michael Phelps, Brian Cazeneuve, Bob Costas
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When training for sprint swimming, a coach must develop a pathway that enhances the swimmer’s talent, emphasizes the feel of the stroke, and includes sessions that create a deep, concentrated practice of details and skill.

“The Swim Coaching Bible Volume II” by Dick Hannula, Nort Thornton
from The Swim Coaching Bible Volume II
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These are a few ways logotherapy applies to the world of competitive swimming and my activities as a coach.

“The Unheard Cry for Meaning: Psychotherapy and Humanism” by Viktor E. Frankl
from The Unheard Cry for Meaning: Psychotherapy and Humanism
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Competitive swimming requires high rates of energy production, and sprint events are largely anaerobic.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
from Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.
by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
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I was to put on each piece of gear and swim two laps.

“The Silent War: The Cold War Battle Beneath the Sea” by John Pina Craven
from The Silent War: The Cold War Battle Beneath the Sea
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It makes the swimming more fun, since we race and offer advice and play really vicious games of swim tag, but it makes the

“The Life As We Knew It Collection” by Susan Beth Pfeffer
from The Life As We Knew It Collection
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four different swimming styles; back stroke, breast stroke, free style and butterfly.

“Quantitative Techniques in Management,3e” by N. D. Vohra
from Quantitative Techniques in Management,3e
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McGraw-Hill Education (India) Pvt Limited, 2006

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  • Very nice to see you again! It’s great pleasure to see your videos! I am happier than yesterday, because of the swimming and your video! Thanks! ^^

  • I was lucky that my father always took me to swim in the lakes when I was a child, now I have a very good feeling of movements in water and can learn things very quickly… Swimming is such a lovely sport…

  • Peeing in the pool is actually fine it doesn’t harm anything. The chlorine and ph levels in a pool are not gonna be affected by it and pools know how many people are swimming and what generally comes off their bodies during a swim and they adjust the chlorine levels accordingly or they do regular tests and add chlorine if needed if they aren’t counting.

  • Ill be able to go again to the pool on monday. Ill go full out. After all tgis time with not swimming. I will burn, but i will br happy. I will meet my frieds again there.. im happy

  • I bought a bluetooth mp3 player and radio and I love it when I swim. I can listen to tunes while I’m in the pool and I go longer too!

  • Im letting my body recover from 2 1/2 yrs of jumping rope.still full body workout and I burn about 450 calories in 50 minutes…. love this!

  • Yoo! Im legit getting taller and broader when i started swimming for a week, i noticed that my torso was longer and getting broader����. Swimming is a blessing man

  • Just about to head to pool, then they closed all recreation facilities, here in chch nz. Will start adding in some dryland training and some of your suggestions.

  • You can go to the animal kingdom, and see similar animals that swim a lot vs animals that don’t swim for example look at Tigers. Tigers are leaner faster, and more muscular than lions that don’t like swimming. Another great example is a polar bear, you can look at a polar bear, and tell it’s a leaner more muscular animal than a grizzly, because polar bears swim more often.

  • I am 37 and used to swim in high school and throughout my entire childhood I was a fish. I have been training in the gym for the past 15 years but recently picked up swimming again and I forgot my love for the water. I just zone out when I’m in the pool.

  • The low impact is so good because my ankles and knees get hurt (not the excercize hurt the “you twisted something” hurt) when running.

  • Chlorine CAN turn blonde hair green. I have a friend who it happened to; she bleached her hair and it turned green during swim season.

  • Ik if you are a swimming and you are like a day in and day out person. And you always smell chlorine on your skin or in the air at time, if you have this problem 1. Use Scented Lotions 2. Use a Defuser with good smelling oils to block and put a new scent in (if you are at home) 3. if at school smell a gum wrapper because some of the smell can be good.

    this is weird, but this has always helped me with that problem

  • even though this is not the topic of the video, can someone tell where the speaker comes from from his accent? I’d say he’s British but I’m not sure

  • Dude, I’ve tried Taekwondo, boxing, weightlifting, running, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Crossfit, and YoGa. But honestly, there’s just something about swimming that always is unique to any other activity. One it is not bad on your body. Two, it makes me feel better throughout the day. Three hardly anyone uses the pool at the gyms so you have it to yourself.

    I put on waterproof bone conduction headphones, goggles, and go at it. You get into your own little world and you feel it working every part of your body.

  • The only way I’ve ever been able to lose weight and keep it off is swimming. I’m 60 years old, swam team all my school years and now do 1-2 miles most days. I am also a 4th degree black belt in karate and skate with our local roller derby team

  • Hello! Doing freestyle, I cannot inhale properly with my mouth because water comes in my mouth, too, and I panic that I have water in my mouth so I cannot inhale again when I run out of air because there is already water in my mouth. What should I do? Please help.

  • everyone commenting about how they’re so chill when they swim. when i swim i worry about the essay i didn’t finish before practice. ☹️��

  • Swimming is awesome, kill two birds with one stone strength and cardio and the pump is crazy, I just have to train legs at the gym now

  • Yes, especially with flip turn, underwater turn with all that benefits n flexibilities (excellent way 2 avoid injury n more maintain range of motion in older age go a long way 2 maintain overall quality life, I can imagine for older person, some cases, a lot, age is more or less for some life long athletics, better in heart due to no exerting themselves to kill a second that is not our heart is built upon n maintain,, as near pro ballroom dancer, it helps me to maintain good posture n flexibility must in dancing…, N recommend average swimmer 2 hire high school swim team guys or girls who would be a lot cheaper than busy college swim team members, etc. 2 teach U all that stuff. I learned flip turn myself after watching swim coach videos loaned from the local library a long time ago.

  • 11. Promotes flexibility, like someone else commented. I’ve never seen anyone lose weight swimming. I’ve seen people try and I’m sure it’s possible but there are probably better ways. Disadvantages: Not weight bearing, can be incredibly boring. For a lot of people it requires time and money to get to a pool.

  • I watch the video so I can learn how to swim or do something cool under water but if I wanna get water out of my head I shake my head

  • All ten and the bonus…. checked ✅ all those things has swimming done for me… I looooove my pool, my swimming time and of course my swimming app �� nothing better than MySwimPro to keep me motivated ����

  • my first private swim lesson I didn’t wear goggles and I managed to bump my head into the wall and full on (I was about to say run-) swim into the lane rope��

  • This is my whole fucking life

    Well we have freaking corona and when I will go back to the swimming pool I will think I weight 4 fucking tons

  • When I was 14 they expected me who at the time was 6ft 1 to flip turn in a 3 ft end “every one else can do it” Karen I’m twice the size of these munchkins

    1.getting swimmers ear should be on the list that paired with a normal ear infection can make anyone want to just remove their ears
    2. The moment when you get water on your chips soda or pizza at a meet/tournament

  • I have the best hack for foggy goggles. Baby shampoo. Use the tiniest drop and rub on the inside of your goggles. Then wipe away with a damp finger. Don’t worry about getting any in your eyes for two reasons. First only use a teeny tiny bit. Second it’s baby shampoo which does not hurt your eyes.

  • Here is a how to make rings in water!

    Get under water and sink to the floor(if you dont know how to sink, just let out air in your body.) Also, be sure to be in a not so deep end if its your first time.

    Lay down on the floor and look up at the surface

    Whilst still facing up, stick your tounge out with your lips approximate to it

    Then, quickly blow and remove your tounge as soon as do. Thats what works for me..

  • why I have the feeling Andrew Spoor (around min 18) ends the stroke too early? almost at the middle of the stroke, am I wrong doing it later, when they are almost at my legs level?

  • Clearly you are a fan of open hand �� strokes as opposed to a cupped hand. Any reason for this? In skulling drills a closed hand proves to be more advantageous. Just wondering if there was a particular reason you have for using an open hand aside from comfort?

  • can anyone relate to this, when you have been swimming for about 9 years you start to smell like chlorine all the time._ cuz I swear I do-

  • Like this comment, if you get annoyed about how people don’t stay in there own lane.:> ( I have jarred my hip and inflamed one plate in my spine, by school swim training where a year 7 did not stay in their lane!:D THEN went to go to a tumble turn and now can’t bend or walk properly.:DDDDDD

  • me: coach can i go to the bathroom?
    coach: number one or number two?
    me: uhhhh number one??
    coach: you’re not getting out to pee. pee in the pool.

  • A variation on the tumble turn mishap…
    I was once in a 100yd race in a pool that had a trough at the end. My feet seamlessly slipped into the trough and locked into it, stopping me instantly. Of course, everyone else carried on, leaving me floundering…

  • This dosen’t apply to all swimmers but personally as a glasses person who can’t do lenses because aoch, it’s near impossible to see the clock. I just start when the person besides me start, wait why are the looking at me and not the clock, shit it’s Luke who is also as blind as me.

  • I have used exercise to help maintain stress since my teenage years…. My workouts are ‘mental health breaks’….. Also, it was huge in prepping for and recovery from bilateral hip replacement and one knee replacement. I got through rehab in half the required ‘therapy’ sessions because I was swimming so much, and my rehab time back to normal was way ahead of any one else…

  • trying to avoid getting kicked or kicking other people in a breaststroke set
    chlorine? What’s that? That thing I spend 9 hours a week in? What does it smell like?

  • Another thing:
    When you have reached that point in swimming when no amount of shampoo or soap will rid your body of the chlorine, and you start smelling like chlorine anytime you start sweating

    You can take the swimmer out of the pool, but you definitely can’t take the pool (smell) out of the swimmer

  • Ever forgot to get your wet gear out of car…in a Michigan winter? Frozen speedo is invigorating in the morning albeit a little hard (literally)!

  • I cannot stress #1 enough. I’m a sophomore in high school, and all the time I come up against people who are completely jacked. Meanwhile, I’m 6′ 2″ and only 145 pounds. Yet while they swim their 50 free in around 25 1/2 seconds, I went 23.56. The difference is not really how much muscle you have, but what kind of muscle. They have a lot of bulk, which is great for pulling water, but It’s not very hydrodynamic. Meanwhile, I kind of just knife through the water, since the amount of drag is much less. Think of a bodybuilder trying to push an open umbrella against the wind vs an average person just closing the umbrella and walking into the wind.

  • With #3, in an 82 degree pool and a 4000 yard work out, I can drop 5 pounds, but I am a heavy sweater…

    With #3 and #8, I would guess that there isn’t much difference between sweat and pee, but I still never use the pool….

    Extra side note, for those of us who have gone through joint replacement (bi-lateral hips and left knee), water exercise is the best thing you can do to prepare for and recover from this type of surgery. You build up your circulatory and respiratory systems, which is crucial for recovery, and there is zero impact. If all you can do is shallow water exercise, that is much better than sitting on your butt… I got through my rehab in about half the time and half the therapy sessions than most others I talked to…

    With #11, I get much better endorophine rushes from the sprints…

  • I’m 12 and I have swam since I was 6 months old. I started a swim team when I was 8 and have gotten a lot better. Swimming has helped me in many ways. It helps you get fit and it help with mental health and it really helped me believe in myself. I hope this helps anyone and I recommend swimming.

  • I use a lot of these tips! I also write out my swim workouts on a piece of paper and stick it in a gallon size ziploc bag. I then put that on the edge of the pool and put my water bottle on top of it to hold it in place. The baggie hangs over the edge of the pool so it’s easy to read the workout and it stays dry.

  • Yes I always saying that swimming makes me so happy and remove the stress out also I feel stronger than my age lol cuz I am swimming I love it I feel like I am dolfin or whole in water lol

  • Thanks for sharing. Good ideas and some good and/or interesting video. Would love to have links discussed in video e.g. QSwim for mobility, dynamic breathing exercises link, etc.

  • Thanks the arm positiong/resistance band is what I needed (novice here)…..BTW, what kind of swimming watch do you recommend for lap swimming?

  • when your coach says your going to leave on the top (clock) but you don’t know which top

    when you ‘high-five’ someone in your squad

    when your arm or leg scrapes the lane rope

    when you do a horrible dive

    when someone overtakes you in warm up or warm down

  • For eight months a year I only swim structured workouts in the pool but when the open water seasons arrives, boy do I love swimming continuously for a long distance… ��

  • Hi from New York. Confined here too,getting anxious about losing physical gains. Trying to stay positive. Thanks for the tips,will implement. Stay well everyone.

  • Regarding number 5…. people who have a loose or dilated stomach sphincter should wait until a while after they eat. Or eat lightly…

  • Brenton, you have no idea how much this means here in Edinburgh as all our pools are closed and they could be shut for months. I’ll be giving these exercises a go right away. Thank you.

  • Brenton thanks for getting this out. My pool shut down Wednesday. I am going to get on this tomorrow. Best wishes and prayers to all the swimmers out there and their family and friends in these scary times.

  • Actually on Myth 5 and eating before swimming is because you have a higher likelihood of cramping up, which if you are swimming in deep water can be a really bad thing.

  • 1 more myth about swimming fish dont realize there swimming they think they are flying birds haven’t a notion wtf there doing. FACT!!��

  • Honestly, let’s just accept that this whole video is bull, and the person who recorded it obviously didn’t do their research. I have never been so disappointed by such a blatantly unreliable source that it’s disgusting.

  • To swim 1500 in a 25 meter pool requires you to swim 60 lengths. That’s why I avoid short course pools because I miscalculate all the time.

  • Another myth is thinking that swimming is only positive. You can get a shoulder injury, have problems with your ears and sinuses, skin and hair condition, you can have a chlorine allergy, cystitis, one may worsen the heart problems. I hope that for balance you will prepare a movie on this topic. Personally, I love swimming, but restraint is always advisable.

  • When it comes to point number 4 you don’t necessarily need to blow out continuously, this means you are going to be getting rid of the oxygen immediately and your not gonna save your breath and if your trying to breathe as little as possible. You have to learn what breathing patterns suit you, it may be that you take short burst or a long breathe a certain intervals it depends on what suits you.

  • Of course I don’t pee in the pool but the chlorine kills all the bacteria and viruses, so a little pee is not the end of the world. Stop making such a big deal out of it. Going #2 is a whole different story, though.

  • Just signed up for my first Tri and am terrified of the swim! It’s in a pool (thankfully!!) but I can only swim Breast Stroke….have about 14 weeks; should I be getting lessons in front crawl, or focussing on my speed and technique?:)

  • 8 is totally not me lol, omg I pee so much in the pool because my COACH doesn’t let me go to the Bathroom because of my other teammates goofing off in there and the miss a set and now we can’t go I was SCREAMING. Oh and btw the reason I don’t use tech suits is because I need to go pee a lot JUST TO DO GOOD ON MY RACES LOL.

  • Dry skin: moisturize before you swim.

    Keeping count of laps (for those who don’t have a watch): water bottle w/ “ruler” down the side, use hair elastic to move it down.

  • I’ve been swimming at LifeTime Fitness for 12 months 5 days a week for one hour and have lost 10 pounds so far. I feel and sleep so much better now. ��

  • What about bicep Tendonitis??!! I started swimming 3+ miles per week In 1979, and have continued to do so until a few months ago when I developed a sharp pain in the front of my right shoulder!
    Never had one pain in my body until I experienced a pain in the front of my right shoulder about 6 months ago!
    I had to flail my arms back and forth under water some 25-35 times, which enabled me to swim a mile free style!
    But I noticed it was difficult to hold my phone in my right hand when lying down on my back before I would go to sleep!
    So fast forward I went to the doc and got Xrays and MRI!
    Turns out I have a Global Shoulder Problem!
    1) My LHB is being held by threads!
    2) My Rotators are bad on both shoulders
    And I’m not a good surgical candidate because of my age 70, and condition of my tendons!!

  • Been swimming a 4 times a week for 2.5 years now, I have lost 3 kg (6 pounds):P BUT I have gained lots of muscle and lost lots of fat, so you don’t nessesary lose weight, but you change the body composition:) Also, try not to eat a large meal the last 2 hours before swimming, it easily comes back up XD Tip for grown up swimmers, if you enjoy swimming several times a week and can swim abut 3000m (almost same in yards I think) you could join a Masters Group in swimming! There is swimming competition for Masters where you swim against People Your own age (Example: age 65 to 69 compete against each other), there are even people over 100 years doing this:D Masters are for swimmers above 25 years old:)

  • Beginners should not use paddles. If you don’t have good technique, you‘ll blow out your shoulders.

    Don’t ever pee in the pool. If I catch you, I’ll drown you in it.

    For beginners: always let faster swimmers go ahead of you. When taking a break, always leave the center of the wall free for those coming and doing the flip turn (they always aim for the middle!). If you’re continuously being passed, you’re in the fast lane, please move to a slow swimming lane.

  • Your #2 point is partially correct/incorrect. Yes, swimming is better than NO exercise. And, yes, it is indeed one of the best exercise no impact, whole body exercise (I, myself, swim over 12 km every week).

    However, calorie burn per unit time (i.e. Calories/minute) is significantly low for swimming compared to running or cycling with the same perceived effort. What it means: the amount of effort you feel that you are putting (i.e. running out of breath or feeling exhausted or some form of the same) = perceived effort. If your perceived effort is the same, and you run for 30 min versus swim for 30 min, then Calories burned-by-running is way more than swimming.

    If you are a World Record holder long distance triathlete (Ironman), then in 30 min of swimming you will burn about 450 Calories (maximum) (and you will cover more than 2 km in 30 min). Compared to that, a very average 150 lb (68 kg) runner would burn 450 Calories by running in 30 min.

    So, if you cover more than 2 km in 30 min swimming and really suck at running, then this #2 is correct. However, if you are of similar capabilities in both swimming and running, then #2 is False.

  • #2 is so truuuuuuue. I’ve been on a diet for 3 months. I used to run but I had a knee pain so I switched my exercise to swim. It’s been less than 2 months I’ve started and I’ve lost 4.5kg(10lbs). Swimming is such a nice exercise. I have no more knee pain and it is sooooo fun. But please make sure to keep diet if you’d like to lose weight.

  • Of course you can lose weight from swimming. You burn so many calories, and are hungry after each workout. I’ve lost almost 10 lbs already in 2 months.

  • If the liberal media and hypochondriacs get there way, it’ll be another year before kids can start practicing again! Complete BS!

  • I have a creek down the road from where I live. I go quite often just to swim against the current for as long as I can. It’s like a treadmill but in water

  • Every Fly’er should know how to coordinate their stroke with others so please be cool. While passing in the opposite direction, I stretch underwater with an additional kick even when they’re in adjoining lanes. I try to be as considerate as possible unless they’re cocky then all bets are off, Lol.

  • If you’re stuck behind a slower swimmer that won’t let you past, wait for them to get to the end of the length and turn round and start swimming the other way while they are still swimming towards the wall hey presto you’re in front of them. It means you’ll do less than a full length during the “overtake” but it avoids tapping their ankles or colliding with them. I need to stay friends with the swimmers where I am it’s a small town and I’ll see them again tomorrow. Also, one of the lanes in my local pool has a clockwise swim direction (the other lane is anti-clockwise)

  • I save time by urinating in the pool. Walking on a dirty floor or waiting for people to finish is a big waste of time, plus you are not wasting toilet paper which has been hard to come by during the Wuhan Corona Pandemic. (Just kidding!)

  • Thanks for this; in Seattle, WA and it is back into the Puget Sound at 46F or 8.5C as bracing as a cold shower. Swimming but the swims are a lot shorter and require more mental toughness. ��

  • Can you tell me the knows that one which one you keep your nose the thing can you please wait till formed please I am requesting you please tell please tell here in comment

  • I am a wild water swimmer and i love it, the only thing is that i eat much more then before but the feeling of sea swimming is something really amazing

  • could you possibly go over the best techniques for how to swim in an actual event like how to sprint cause I understand having the basics down is great and being able to swim every stoke perfectly is nice for efficiency in practice but id like to know how to, for example, sprint freestyle better. cause most of the time I’ve had coaches just give me a set to do and I just go, usually without any explanation of how to swim the set better or more efficiently. I’ve always had to ask my teammates with more experience than me and watch people swim events by myself to get my own feedback. most of us probably know about the “windmill” technique in freestyle but you obviously don’t wanna do that all the time in practice. before I knew about that technique I would just try to swim “perfect freestyle” but just faster. just by learning that and modifying it a little I was able to drop around 3-4 seconds in my 100 free times. id just like to know some general tips for going fast in each stroke or event. like how is the stroke different in different events like the 50, 100, 200, 500, etc. in freestyle.

  • Thanks Brenton from France where we are totally confined. We can just go walk or run around 500 m from our houses. And no access to beach at all. So thanks again for your help!

  • Haha on #9. I gave myself swimming lessons as my 50th birthday present. Until then, I could only do a head-out-of-water “freestyle” and barely did 100 metres before I was done my “workout”. It took time and regular practice, but now, 2 years later, I can swim all 4 basic strokes smoothly and even managed to swim a whole mile (1600 metres) last week using all 4 strokes on alternating laps. I’m still a slow swimmer, but I am a swimmer!

  • This can possibly be a hack: The pools where I train are outdoors and some times the water is a little cold because of the weather. I cycle in the mornings to the pool with my bath suit and just a tank shirt. I suffer at the beginning of my ride, but once I enter the pool I don’t feel the water as cold as it is.

  • 1. If there is only one person on the lane besides me I always offer him\her to swim in parallel, not in circles. Thus I won’t have to bother about overtaking.
    2. Phone in a waterproof case as a stopwatch (some pools do not have wall-mounted stopwatches)
    3. Buy a waterproof player. HUGE difference during training, especially long distances.
    4. [funny one] If I forgot my pads flip-flops will do:) Just kidding.
    5. Having trouble counting laps? Besides your phone in 2), vocalize a number. It really works way better than just thinking about lap count.
    6. Bottle of water with honey in it. Yummy and the boost.

  • I actually got into an argument with my cousin over how many calories swimming burns. Can you do a video on how many calories swimming burns and how swimming continuously would compare to a structured workout? He essentially claimed that the amount of time swam is going to burn more calories swimming continuously than swimming a structured workout.

  • The biggest hack I know is drafting off my friend. The pools big enough for our team to only have two to a lane, so we split the lanes. I hop on his hip during longer reps to save the energy. However he likes to cut me into the lane when he realizes it so I try and stick to those tasty toes��

  • Every time I come to the pool the fast lane is full of slow and old breastrokers and when I swim fast they just don’t give a fuck and keep doing their combination of drowning and breast

  • Some of our clinics and camps will be postponed for the next few months. One way you could support the channel is by not skipping the ads. I’ll love ya for it! Thanks!

  • Tell us more crazy swimming myths! Goodness knows there are tons of them!

    Download the MySwimPro app for customized swim and dryland training! http://www.myswimpro.com/download

  • hi, i am following your swim videos for a while and I like them very much. can you tell what’s best to eat after swimming? (because I feel like starving after swimming!)

  • Thanks for this Brentonwe’ve (in Britain) just been told today that our gyms and pools have to close. It’s great to stress the positives and see the opportunity that is sometimes hidden in adversity. There’s still open water swims you can even swim in the Thames in London if your determined! Stay safe everyone.

  • For people with long hair: A bit of treatment oil on your hair, before you put your cap on, will turn your swim time into hair treatment time ^.^

  • Does anyone know the feeling after you’ve been wearing goggle, then you take them off and you jump back in the water, you feel the cold sensation in your eye area?

  • How can i swim without going up way too much too breath?
    Like how can i hold my breath for long time?
    I can hold my breath like when i’m not swimming but when i swim it changes and i just have to go out

  • Thanks for the info. I’m an older “ex” distance freestyler, and just getting back into some light duty training. (Need to get past the shoulder pain). I like the way you present yourself and your opinions and have become a subscriber. Good luck with your video success, and keep em coming. Thanks again

  • another amazing thing about swimming is that it’s the only sport we can do it while our body is in horizontal position. As a result out heart gets rid of gravity and pump blood easier to all part of the body and our performance increase by 20%.

  • I having problems with diving deep in pools my swimming cap is not enough to equalize the pressure and the swallowing of air is not enough. I hope u reply me with a gpod solution. Thank you very much!!!!!

  • i have a tip for foggy goggles. Before going swimming, put your goggles in the sun, then put spit into it I found this works better ��

  • For the first one, if you jump by lifting one leg up and move your head to the side where water is stuck than it will be more effective. ��

  • A mis amigas y a mí nos sucede que el traje de baño nos “chima” o cómo se diga, entonces para que no nos moleste durante el entreno de 2 horas aplicamos vaselina en esas partes por lo general son las tiritas de los brazos.

  • 1:16 what if you have super long hair like under your feet and completely straight so it keeps getting in my face cause it can’t knot?

  • For foggy glasses i use contact lens cleaner. it is much cheaper than anti fog products and its safe, no need to wash it up the glasses before wearing. But same effect as much as anti fog products or much better

  • Can you show us (if you know) when you’re tired so much and you can’t get out of pool how can we calm down fast because i have that problem and evry time i barely breath

  • Dang I’ve been putting ear drops in my ear to get water out after five minutes I drain it. It’s been seeming to help but I guess soon I will see some dangerous stuff.

  • I have been swimming my whole life and I’m best in my schools team but because I have a upside down triangle face when I do freestyle I get lots of water in my nose and mouth when I turn for a breath how can I help that

  • I watched a video where they kinda calculated calories burnt during running and swimming and they proved that running burns more calories. It’s still debatable but I think running burns more calories.

  • This is an excellent video. It is may 4, in PR @home since march 16, also the last time I swam. Learning new things with this type of video. Great ideas, simple but functional.

  • Question, I’m 60 years old and for training for a full IRONMAN event, I must be able to swim for two hours non stop. Any recommendations or advice? Thank you and keep the videos coming! Tony from California

  • You had me until you promoted hyperventilating and breath holding to swimmers. Granted this is in the shower that you’re doing it, but in a world where we’re so worried and conscientious about shallow water blackouts… I find it shocking that you would advise swimmers to hyperventilate and practice breath holding.

  • That “fast swimmers behaving badly” is really poor form. I’m surprised to see you recommending such behavior. As a back of the pack swimmer who has to choose between the fast lane (where I’m a bit too slow) and the “fitness” lane (where I’m way too fast), I appreciate the occasional faster swimmers who swim around me rather than just being rude to try to get me to leave. ��

  • Awesome post in these times, you have helped me become a much better swimmer in my triathlons, looking forward to the come back ��‍♂️��‍♂️��‍♂️����

  • There is an amazing way to prevent foggy goggles. Spit in them, rub them, rinse them and you’ll never have steam inside your goggles!

  • Hi greetings…have been watching your videos lately. I have one question…what is the best wrist watch for training for beginners and not expensive? Your reply will be appreciated. Thank you…

  • As a national swimmer, i can confirm that ALL of these examples are 100% accurate, but also as a swimmer you will experience the following:
    -Warm-up sprinters(hate them)
    -Cold Pools
    -Getting out of bed at 5am is MORE challenging then the actual 2 hrs swim itself��
    -When a cap rips during a gala, that is the most annoying thing EVER
    -Swimmers who try to race you in trainning and get excited over beating you even if you didnt try
    -Swimmers who pull your feet to get in front off you
    -Swimmers who take a “toilet break” during a hard set
    -Swimmers who say that “this set wasn’t hard at all”
    -People who “fix” their goggles in the middle of a set
    -EXTREME HUNGER! Like after swimming, swimmers can eat more than probably any animal that i know, that’s how drainning this sport is
    This is just a FEW named examples of swimming from my own personal experience, but the WORST things and probably the funniest things to happen are that when you hit your hand on the lane rope it KILLS and feels like you hit barbed wire instead and hitting arms with your mate when swimming butterfly, also there are people who swim a 1500m WITHOUT goggles and people who swim down the middle of the lane and swim into you

  • What do you love most about swimming? Share your favorite benefit of the sport in the comments!

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  • good video, but I’m not sure why you thought we wanted to watch swimmers for 8-9 minutes?!! good thing I know how to fast forward efficiently

  • thanx for this dude, as i was one of the ppl that posted that our pools are closed it really helps. if you’re open to another idea, i think it would be cool if you have footage of an example technique freestyle (or whatever style for that matter) just play it, let it run for as long as it is, instead of using short / cut clips. just as a relaxing image that us novices can really focus without trying to catch details we dont know in the few seconds of a cut clip (example would be the relaxed freestyle of the intro). thanx again for keeping in touch through the lockdown, keep up the good work

  • That’s true, I have encountered some comments that swimming is not so good as body lifting but You know what? That is simply not totally true! I know how I feel after one hour at swimming pool = feel light, skinny, empowered and very, very focused and “relaxed”.
    And believe me, I have gone through many different exercises, and have never felt so relaxed as in the water.
    That is the biggest advantage of swimming: relax, self confidence, boost in mood.

  • I remember at my first swim meet when I dove into the pool, my goggles slid down my face but I didn’t have time to place them back on my eyes, so I just tried my best to win. I kept leaning towards one side but I mean I WON IN THE END!

  • Thanks Brenton, very nice of you to take the time to prepare and post these great ideas and recommendations. Really appreciate your insight and good spirits. Not sure about the cold showers…but will definitely try! Let’s go trough this together, pls stay safe! Cheers from Austin, TX

  • I use an extra-large t-shirt to create more resistance in the water. Oh by the way I don’t swim in pools. Caribbean here, turquoise sea water. That doesn’t mean we don’t have pools, just that I don’t use them.

  • Thank you ❤️ I recently gained a couple of strokes after resting from injury (on a great number, I am a beginner) just from looking at your vidéo of Dan Smiths easy 100 m. In Sweden we are still allowed to swim. But your tips almost make me want to rest. Ok, I will stop skipping the ads ��

  • Thanks, mate! Lockdown here in Spain is getting to me. BTW, it seems to me that Solomon pauses a bit at before starting his catch, and that his hands are a bit too close to crossing the centreline. Thoughts? (With that said, I’d be over the moon to swim half that well, and he’s still swimming 1:08!)

  • Thank you Brenton. These are great suggestions. It is baffling how anyone would dislike this video (albeit only a couple) but still baffling. Keep up the great work. Very appreciated!

  • Thank you:-) Your channel is excellent. It’s really made a difference to me this last half year. I use to dread going to the pool feeling very clumsy, (adult onset learner). A crowded course proved futile. But after I found your channel I feel motivational baby steps. Hopefully I’ll get to swim in Australian waters someday.

  • I just started swimming again after 35 years of never swimming, 3 days ago. I suffer from extreme hot flashes and was really quite surprised to get them in the pool. I didn’t think they would hit as hard since the water is cool but I will debunk that myth about sweating while swimming wholeheartedly. Yup, you do…

  • when you’re about dive before the whistle but you try to stop yourself which then ends in you falling in the pool and making yourself look stupid.
    This is in races not practice

  • im only eight and uhh i dont use a swim cap thingy uhhh is it for keeping your hair dry or used to not have your hair stick to your wet skin or something like that?

  • I need some help with my technique: i always loose breath quite easily aswell and one of my arms is more flat than the other in front crawl, do I just need to keep on practicing or is there an efficient way of doing front crawl as I’m doing swimming for gcse

  • It’s been a month since pools closed here in Northern Italy. Fitness level has gone but the most important thing is that we exit from this critical situation. Thanks anyway for this very helpful drills! Andrà tutto bene!