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N.E.W. Motivation Coaching – Your Healthy Life Group – FAQ

Q: What is this group about?

A: This is a 12-week education and support group designed with a robust curriculum covering improving nutrition choices, increasing activity slowly and safely, and learning how to deal with the little voice in your head that can throw you off-track when trying to make lifestyle changes.

Q: Do I have to buy any shakes or special foods? Is there a meal or exercise plan?

No! Isn’t that refreshing? We designed our curriculum to educate and empower you to make your own choices about food and exercise. We provide the structure and you make the decisions!

Q: Will I lose weight?

A:  Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on where your food and activity habits are before you begin the group. If you are making nutrition-poor choices, eating till stuffed, and not exercising much then you will lose weight. If you have a fairly healthy diet and activity plan already, you may not lose weight. This group is focused on improving health regardless of body size.

Our first group lost an average of 3.7% body weight or 6.1 pounds and our two biggest losers lost an amazing 10 pounds and 6.9% body weight in three months!

Our second group lost an average of 4.2% body weight or 8.9 pounds and our two biggest losers lost – hold your hat – 23.2 pounds and 10.1% body weight in three months!

But we like the answer to the next question even more than these great numbers…

Q: Why should I join if I may not lose weight?

A: There are many reasons but it comes down to this: weight does not define health. Clients who have completed this group report seeing their blood sugar, blood pressure, and sleep improve. They also tell us they have more energy and have less guilt and shame about their food choices – they have successfully battled that “food cop” in their heads and can now enjoy an indulgent treat (or meal!) and still successfully meet their health goals. Their health and well-being improves physically and emotionally.

Q: What do you mean by “Your Healthy Life?”

A: Your healthy life is a mind-set focused on health improvement and building healthy habits in a sane, non-restrictive, non-diet way. You will find amazing things happen when you change how you eat, how you exercise, and how you talk to yourself. We embrace body confidence and believe in loving yourself as you are right now, as you start your journey to improve your health.

Q: I’m not sure I’m ready to make big changes with all the craziness in my life. Is this group for me?

A: Of course! What separates this group from others is that we meet you where you are and lead you through finding realistic and small goals that have an impact on health! You can focus on one small change at a time or you can just attend and learn so you have the information and a game plan when you are ready to make a change. We are big believers that life is rarely perfect and those who find success with health improvement always have a Plan B ready. If you wait until life “slows down,” you may never find a good time to get started.

Q: What if I want to overhaul my life and I’m ready to go all in?

A: Great! Again, we meet you where you are so if you are ready, we have got you covered. Each section starts with a week to “Set Yourself Up for Success.” During this week you will survey your lifestyle and decide how to best move forward. Taking this time to prepare means you can set as many goals as you believe you can meet. In fact, we encourage setting 1-2 nutrition goals and 1 exercise goal every week! If you hit your goals weekly, then you will make big changes over 12 weeks.

Q: How much does the group cost?

A: That depends on if you join an online group or an in-person group.

The in-person group currently costs $497.00 for all 13 in-person meetings. This rate includes the cost of the materials (you get a binder with new notes and worksheets each week) as well as your health coach’s time to facilitate the group. Compare this to other groups and you will see it is a bargain because we are still building our business! One dietitian-based group in Ponte Vedra is charging $500 for an 8-week online program! Many nutrition experts in the area charge $100 per hour for individual coaching/counseling – that would be $1300 for 13 meetings! Join now as we are still building our business and our rates may increase.

The rates for the online group currently range from $197 = $297 depending on if you are a newsletter subscriber, join with the early bird special, or pay the regular rate. Weekly meetings are held via Zoom and you print our your notebook.

Q: Why do I have to pay it all up front for the in-person group?

A: You are much more likely to complete the entire group if you pay for all classes in advance. It is an extra incentive to keep you going when things get hard – and they will because life has a way of doing that as soon as we set our mind to something! If you have to miss a class, your coach will email you the weekly materials and be available to answer any questions you have about the missed meeting. Also, your coach is renting meeting space and making the commitment to show up every week – we expect you to do the same!

Q: When and where does the group meet?

A: Each group may meet on a different day and time.  Meetings are typically held on a weeknight at 7:00pm but we have also held early morning groups on the weekend. For in-person meetings, we meet in the Nocatee community in Ponte Vedra Florida and the exact location is provided when you sign-up.

Q: How can I sign up?

A: This is our favorite question! You can join an information session, check out our events on our Facebook page, email us (form below), or call/text us.

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