Boost Your Willpower


Did you start the new year on a new meal that went really well until a few days ago when you started obsessing about all the food you can’t eat… hoping every day that you can find the WILLPOWER to make it to bedtime so you can just go to sleep already and not suffer through your hunger anymore?

How about the evenings when you are finally done with a long day and you look longingly at the couch where you want to go relax but… you feel like you should exercise… if only you had the WILLPOWER to make yourself get up and get it done!

The truth is that WILLPOWER runs out.

I can show you how to boost your willpower by making the healthier choices easier.

I’m Coach Alexia Lewis, MS, RD, LD/N, CHC, CPT, a Health Strategy Coach on a mission to keep healthy simple. I used to white-knuckle it too until I learned there is a way to rely on willpower less and still reach my health goals.

Starting January 20, 2020 spend two weeks with me in a private group Facebook Challenge.

I will share the simple strategies based in behavior change theory that I use with my clients to increase their chances of reaching health goals. This one will make your wallet happy and is as good as it gets to work with a credentialed health professional on your goals.

Get the facts on willpower so you can learn strategies to use it when it is strongest – and find ways to work around it when it is low.

Scan your environment and discover your best-fit strategies to make healthier choices easier and rely on willpower less often.

Learn to simplify and stack your wins so you can build your confidence as you get closer to your health and weight goals.

Think such a simple approach won’t work for you? Here are some reviews, see more here.

Alexia has been my coach for several months . She has helped me change my thinking and behavior regarding food. I have lost 17 pounds in the past 4 months. — D.N.; Florida

I love Alexia. She presents information in a very real and usable manner.  – Cathy M., Florida

Alexia helped me think through alternatives which have been life changing.  Thank you so much for being there for me and giving me the instruction I needed to make some lifestyle changes for my health.  All the best to you Alexia!  YOU ROCK! – Anonymous Survey Reponse

How Does It Work?

  1. Sign up for the Challenge and Join the Private Facebook Group.
  2. Get started with Unit 1 – Before We Begin to get a jump on the challenge.
  3. Take part in the challenge every day. New content is given Monday-Friday and you will have weekends to catch up.
  4. Get a deadline. We work to deadlines. This group has a start and end date to keep you motivated and on track. After the Challenge ends, the information will be gone – we do this to help you stay focused on working this plan!

What Do I Actually Get?

You get a videos with information and action-steps along with support and discussion posts that walk you through boosting your willpower. Coach Alexia is active in the challenge group every day. Over two weeks you will:

  • Learn the facts about willpower. Did you know there was research on it? Yep, there is!
  • Learn the strategies of people who maintain their health goals for the long-term
  • Get guided through reviewing the people, places, and things that derail your efforts
  • Dig into your motivating reasons for making changes
  • Explore ways to implement back-up plans, simplify, and be sneaky with your time for when life doesn’t go as planned

Why Do You Charge $10?

Simple. Because you are more likely to do the work if you put something on the line. I want you to succeed and this $10 will help you focus on the challenge.

What If I’m Not Happy with The Challenge?

Simple. Request a refund. I will gladly give you a refund if you truly believe you did not get $10 worth of value AND you actively participated in the Challenge group.

To be transparent: I pay processing fees if I refund your money. I will not issue refunds if you do not show up in the group and interact. As long as I see you have posted on the daily units, asked for help, and been involved in the challenge group, I will issue a refund if you are not satisfied.

I’m confident you will get a LOT more than $10 worth of value.

How Do I Get Started?

Challenge cancelled.

Don’t wait on this – hurry over and snatch this up! There is information in there right now just waiting for you so you can start stacking your wins.

In a world that spends billions trying to convince you that you are not good enough, loving yourself the way you are is the most powerful thing you can do.

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