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Confusing By All The Conflicting Information on Health?

Do you find yourself being told something different from nearly every person you talk to?

More carbs, less carbs, never eat carbs, its all the sugar, sugar is fine, sugar is killing you…

Only do cardio, do fasted cardio, never do cardio, just lift weights, only do HIIT training…

So you keep trying to find the next, new, right way to reach your goals…

And none of them seem to work for you…


Listen, this stuff really is simple. But it’s not easy.

In a word that is making billions by convincing you to hate your body…

Loving yourself healthy is the most empowering thing you can do.

Meet Your Health Strategy Coach

Alexia Lewis, MS, RD, LD/N, CHC, CPT believes life is better with science, humor, and delicious food.

After surviving a heart attack in 2007 and battling with her weight for most of her adult life, she changed her career to spread the word about how food choices and activity can influence health. N.E.W. Motivation Coaching was founded in 2016. N.E.W. stands for nutrition, exercise, wellness.

Alexia found her passion in coaching as it allows her to become a partner to help people find their unique strategy for reaching their health goals. The ideas of keeping healthy simple and loving yourself healthy drive her coaching programs. She has developed a 5-step process to guide her client’s journey.

She has coached thousands of patients and clients to improve their health, weight, and confidence. Just be warned, the way you have been dieting for decades is wrong!

Facebook Challenges

Get to know our coaching style while having fun with a challenge in a private Facebook group.

Topics change with each challenge and include Kick the Added Sugars, Boost you Willpower, Love Yourself Healthy, Meal Prep, Get Active, Gratitude, and more.

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Coaching Packages

Get personal coaching to stop the diet-regain-diet cycle through a non-diet or a reverse diet (that means macros!) approach using our 5-step coaching process.

Medical Nutrition Therapy for chronic health conditions also available in Florida.

Get more information or use the form below to schedule a complimentary Discovery Call.

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What Do Our Clients Say?

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