Coaching Journey


Our Five-Step Coaching Process

These are the steps you will take in our coaching programs. These are designed to set you up to be successful, be flexible and realistic along your journey, stay focused for the long-term, and find new ways to challenge yourself once you have mastered your current health concerns.

Step 1. Begin Small Steps Training.

Start by keeping daily promises for activity, hydration, and nutrition. These are small goals that you know you can do no matter what happens during the day. You get secrets for how to increase your chances of success and know why relying on willpower never works. You will lay the foundation to set yourself up for success and get the first glimpse of the strong, capable person you will see in the mirror.

Step 2. Overcome Your Inner Critic.

This begins with expressing gratitude as we start every week. It continues with specific steps you can take to challenge your inner mean person, start to be more kind to yourself from understanding the normal cycles of making permanent lifestyle changes, and appreciate the importance of taking time to pause and recognize your efforts.

Step 3. Implement the Plan.

We dig into details for nutrition and exercise and make your plan. We start with big picture nutrition and the many reasons we turn to food, then dive deeper into meal planning, dining out, investigating food packaging, and revising recipes. We also dive into ways you can approach exercise to match your goals with the right approach. Get the information and ideas to achieve your goals and build confidence.

Step 4. Address the Long-Term.

We cover what typically derails people and keeps them from making lasting lifestyle changes as well as ways to prevent this from happening to you. You will also learn how to handle the many holidays and social occasions that can start people off-track, so you can make a plan and stay focused in many different situations.

Step 5. Set New Goals.

Let’s celebrate your success, see how far you’ve come with weight and health and have you take another look in the mirror with your newly built skills, having rocked some goals, and shut down your inner critic. Look at other lifestyle habits that impact your happiness and decide on next steps to continue improving health and appreciating and loving the person you see in the mirror.

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