Holiday Tips Presentation Review

Do you wish there was a way to enjoy all of your favorite foods of the holiday season? Well, brace yourself – it IS possible to do without expanding your waistline! It is possible to avoid being uncomfortable after your holiday meals. No need to reach under the table and try to unbutton your pants while hoping no one notices! Continue Reading

The Power of Gratitude

TL, DR: Here at NMC, we strongly believe in the power of a daily gratitude practice. So much so that we are about to kick-off our Second Annual Gratitude Challenge on our Facebook page where you could win a $15 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card because it’s easier to be grateful with free coffee. Continue Reading

How To Break Your Sugar Addiction

Welcome to the onset of the Holiday Eating Season. TL,DR: Eat some damn candy and take your power back from sugar.

Here is what many clients who are trying to lose – or maintain – weight over the holidays do. First, they vow to not eat any of the candy. Then they think CANDY CANDY CANDY all day until the give in and eat most of it. It is the worst way to approach it! Find out which of the Holiday Survival Guide Tips let you eat candy and stay on your plan. Continue Reading

You Should Know…

Coach Alexia is a health professional; but she is not YOUR health professional. The information on this site is not a replacement for medical advice. The advice on this site may not be appropriate for everyone.  Consult with a medical Continue Reading

The Surprising Way Your Sugar Addiction is Harming You

Sugar is addictive.

Really? Tell me about the last time you knocked over a liquor store for your sugar fix. Didn’t happen.

Okay, then tell me about that time you stole money from your grandmother’s purse for your sugar fix.

Oh. Haven’t done that either? Okay, well, how about that time that you spent money on candy bars instead of paying your electric bill. No?

Hmmm. Continue Reading

Can You Eat Red Meat Again?

The red meat debate has heated up again. For years, you have heard to cut back on red meat and processed meat for your health. But, hold on. A recent review of five studies led to the declaration that you can eat these meats again.

Hold my Slim Jim and fire up the grill because baby, I’ve got a big juicy steak ready to go! Continue Reading

Our Approach to Healthy Living

Find out the 3 things that define our approach to healthy living and how they can help you on your health journey. HINT: You don’t have to change to fit into our plan… we change your plan to fit easily into your life. Continue Reading

Medical Nutrition Therapy Vs. Health or Nutrition Coaching

Where Do People Get Their Nutrition Information? If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they were confused about nutrition or had stopped paying attention because “everything changes all the time anyway” well… I’d be rich. And Continue Reading

NMC Manifesto

We are part of a movement to redefine how we get healthy.

We have a NEW attitude, NEW goals, and are working towards a NEW life.

We don’t follow restrictive diets, starve ourselves, and sacrifice our mental health for our physical health. We don’t believe in shame and guilt based on our food choices. We do not deny ourselves.

We are sick and tired of hating ourselves healthy. Continue Reading