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We help people who are confused or overwhelmed with all the conflicting rules and information about nutrition and exercise to sort it out so they can find a lasting, realistic plan that works in their unique lives.

We help dieters who are tired of the repeated cycles of weight loss and regain to find peace with food, activity, and themselves so they can improve health and weight.

We help new and experienced cooks with building their culinary nutrition skills and meal planning & prepping strategies so they can make delicious and nutrition-rich food more easily.

We help adults with – or at risk for – chronic lifestyle diseases to find realistic and enjoyable ways to approach lifestyle changes so they can reduce their risk for chronic diseases and live a healthier life.


Let’s break some food rules to help you find peace with food & with yourself – and improve your health and weight as we go.

Our programs are designed to move you to better health by building your skills and knowledge, working with you to find the best approaches for your lifestyle and preferences, and discovering real-life, flexible, and long-term solutions that fit into the craziness of your unique life.

As Health & Nutrition Experts, we combine the science of nutrition, exercise, and health management with coaching techniques to help you bring nutrition-rich, flavorful food to your table AND meet your health goals.

We promote a both non-diet and reverse-dieting approaches. We believe some people find their inner Health Rock-Star with a more relaxed and gentle approach to food and activity without rules, stress, or good food/bad food guilt. Other people do well with a more structured plan focused on feeding your body instead of starving it.

Finding peace with food, exercise, and your body is our goal for all of our clients. We embrace body diversity and self-confidence because health comes in many shapes and sizes and approaches to health are not one-size-fits-all. We coach in a safe, effective, and empowering way that fosters a good relationship with food, activity, and one’s body.

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