Holiday Tips Presentation Review

Do you wish there was a way to enjoy all of your favorite foods of the holiday season? Well, brace yourself – it IS possible to do without expanding your waistline!

NMC’s nutrition student and mentee, Vanessa, shares what she learned at the 2018 live event on 10 Holiday Survival Tips.

Holiday Lights with text What I Learned from 10 Holiday Survival Tips

The holidays are fast approaching and I’ve already been daydreaming about the rich, indulgent foods that only are made at this time of year. They are calling my name! How do I choose what to eat? Do I go all in with my favorites, like green bean casserole or pumpkin pie, at every party… or do I not indulge in my favorite foods because I know how many more parties I will have to go to?

After seeing Coach Alexia talk about her 10 holiday tips to enjoy a guilt-free holiday, I walked away with three new ideas for how to enjoy everything about the holidays this year.

First, it is important to take the time to catch up with my family and friends. This is the only time of year that I get to see my aunt and uncle that live out west. I always say that I will plan a trip and I never do. If I take this time to catch up with them then I take the focus off the food and can reconnect with my family. As a bonus, while I’m chatting away, my mouth is too busy to chew!

Second, keeping my hands full will help keep me from eating too much. This year at the holiday party, I’m going to keep a drink in one hand and my phone in the other hand to have ready for taking pictures. With both hands full there is no space for me to hold a plate of snacks and mindlessly eat during the party.

Third, and most importantly, I gained new confidence for going into the holidays. With these 10 new strategies, I know can get through the season worry free (maybe even a little lighter!). The holidays are a time of family, friends, laughter and tons of food and this year I can now make my plan so I can eat, drink and be merry!

Happy Holidays from Vanessa!

Check out the online Love Yourself Healthy through the Holidays Plan so you avoid being uncomfortable after your holiday meals. No need to reach under the table and try to unbutton your pants while hoping no one notices!

2019 – Update! We have updated the Guide and made it available as a $4.99 ebook! The updated ebook is included in the Online Course.

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