Our Approach to Healthy Living

So far, we have talked a big game about helping people improve their health in a positive way… and enjoy the cookies.

You may be wondering how we do what we do.

We coach in a safe, effective, and empowering way that fosters a good relationship with food, activity, and one’s body.

Step 1

We break a lot of food rules and challenge the traditional advice.

You know. That same-old thing you’ve been hearing for decades… that same-old thing that we’ve been busting our behinds to do… that same-old thing that is resulting in our nation ending up heavier and more out-of-shape than ever before.

That thing?

Eat less and move more.

We do not believe in dieting. We do not believe in out-exercising poor nutrition choices.

In short, the way we’ve been dieting for decades is wrong.

As Health & Nutrition Experts, we combine the science of nutrition, exercise, and health management with coaching techniques to help you bring nutrition-rich, flavorful food to your table AND meet your health goals. Yes, cookies included.

Our goal is for you to find peace within yourself about yourself – and improve your health and weight as you go. Oh, and we want you to EAT delicious food.

Step 2

We promote both non-diet and reverse-dieting approaches. So, how do we approach food?

We believe some people do their best with a more relaxed and gentle approach to food and activity without rules, stress, counting, tracking, or good food/bad food guilt. This is a non-diet approach.

Other people do well with a more structured plan focused on feeding your body instead of starving it. This is our reverse dieting approach.

In other words, no cookie cutter plans here. Your nutrition plan is tailored to your lifestyle and preferences.

Step 3

We acknowledge that life happens. And we plan for that.

If we hear another story about how a health professional told a client to “come back when you are ready” because they struggled with that professional’s perfect little plan, well, we may just scream or cry.

Our programs are designed to FIT TO YOU. We aren’t trying to fit you into them.

We move you to better health by building your skills and knowledge, working with you to find the best approaches for your lifestyle and preferences, and discovering real-life, flexible, and long-term solutions that fit into the craziness of your unique life.

Our Goal?

Our hope for our clients is that they can find peace with food and exercise, and appreciation and joy with their bodies.

We embrace body diversity and self-confidence because health comes in many shapes and sizes and approaches to health are not one-size-fits-all.

Learn more about our 5-Step Coaching Process.

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