Can you Get Healthy and Delicious Grab-and-Go Grocery Store Meals

With our 3 tips you can find healthy and delicious grab-and-go meals from the grocery store. Have you have been working hard on your health goals this year? Doing meal prep every weekend to have healthy lunches and dinners for the week? Avoiding the fast food drive-through?

Sure, in a perfect world – all kinds of yes!

The reality is that we all have busy schedules and sometimes we don’t have the time to plan and prep meals. So, now what?

What can you do with a short lunch break and no food as that dreaded afternoon slump approaches. How about those nights you are on your way home, hungry, and too tuckered out to cook a meal? Food from Wendy’s or M Shack is easy and fast but not the greatest choice if you are focused on your health. Would you believe there are also fast and easy meals waiting for you in the grocery store? And they are healthy, AND delicious – HEALTHILICIOUS!

The grocery store can be overwhelming when  you have limited time to buy and eat your meals. It can be confusing too – the store has ingredients – not food! How can these ingredients be magically transformed into a meal? The good news is that if you focus on fresh, whole foods you can have a fast, easy, satisfying and healthilicous grab-and-go grocery store meal!

Here’s a hint – focus on real whole foods instead of numbers!

To  learn more, join New Motivation Coaching at the Nocatee Publix on April 25, 28, or 31 to learn 3 tips  for finding healthy grab-and-go meals when you are hungry and short on time. More information on Facebook this week!

Blog post written by Rachel Mariano, University of North Florida Nutrition Student

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