And so it begins.

Welcome! We here at New Motivation Coaching have decided to add a blog in order to bring you some good information, resources (and deals!), and invite you along as we research, explore, and ponder all about nutrition, exercise, and wellness.

We are excited to be partnering with University of North Florida undergraduate nutrition students – future #RD2Be rockstars – to be able to bring you more faster and help them gain experience for their upcoming internships. On the short list are Grocery Store Tours, Meal Prep Workshops, and online options for our courses and the Healthy Weight Challenge. There is so much going on in our offices that our heads are spinning with excitement for you!

BOLO for a survey coming soon so we can start to answer your most pressing nutrition, exercise, and wellness questions!

Until then, here’s the base recipe for an upcoming Meal Prep Workshop on Overnight Oats. This is just our starting point recipe to which we add all kinds of deliciousness. If you haven’t tried overnight oats yet, you are in for a treat with an easy-peasy breakfast. Stay tuned for that upcoming Meal Prep Workshop for the deliciousness part!

Simple Overnight Oat Base Recipe – click for PDF


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