Welcome to the N.E.W. Motivation Coaching tribe

Meeting you where you are…

to take you where you want to go

We are part of a movement to redefine how we get healthy. We have a NEW attitude, NEW goals, and are working towards a NEW life.

We don’t follow restrictive diets, starve ourselves, and sacrifice our mental health for our physical health. We don’t believe in shame and guilt based on our food choices. We do not deny ourselves.

We are sick and tired of hating ourselves healthy.

We believe in a balanced approach health and weight management that builds our self-esteem and is based on a foundation of love for ourselves and for others. We eat without justifying our choices and we focus on getting stronger physically and mentally.

Diet Culture is wrong. We have been dieting for decades and we are getting bigger and unhealthier.

Our doctors are wrong when they tell us to “just eat less” without giving us the tools or the foundation to make lasting change.

That celebrity pushing the latest weight loss miracle product is wrong. They are getting paid to sell us hope in a bottle.

Hope will not get us where we want to go.

We have stopped listening to all the noise out there and we are doing something NEW.

Same game. NEW rules. This time, we are loving ourselves healthy.

We are a N.E.W. tribe.

We put in the work. We push ourselves. We get it done every day.

We know balance is key for health and we strive to live in balance.

We never sacrifice one aspect of health for another.

We make it easy with a smart, science-based strategy.

We enjoy our food and understand the importance of quality nutrition.

We value our strength.

We love ourselves as we are right now and appreciate our amazing bodies.

We are driven. We are powerful. We are capable. We are strong.

We are the N.E.W. Motivation Coaching tribe.




What We Offer

Love Yourself Healthy Online Group. This is our non-diet program for those who are tired of following diet and exercise plans and want a more relaxed and flexible approach to weight loss and health improvement. You get 3 months of weekly online group meetings via Zoom with lesson topics and support, a private Facebook group with an active coach for support and sharing during the week, a notebook of weekly lesson summaries and guidelines for deeper reflections of the weekly topic.

Get Going. Get Healthy. Get Strong (in development). This is our 3-tiered reverse dieting program that is a great fit for those who like a plan to follow. You must be ready to commit to a nutrition and exercise plan to be invited into this program You will be required to check in with your coach every single day. You get a nutrition plan tailored to your body’s needs and weight cycling history as well as an exercise plan. The program is based on building your skills and abilities so that you can make your own plan – for life – to fuel your body and reach your weight and strength goals.

Individual and Small Group Personal Training. This is for those who want to focus on activity for cardiovascular, strength, and endurance improvement to meet their goals for weight loss, weight maintenance, or training for specific events. You get an initial one-on-one assessment with your coach. Program sessions are then designed for you (or your group) based on your (or your group’s) specific goals and abilities. These programs are in-person, no online option is currently available.

Workshops and classes by request only – or check our upcoming events calendar.

What We Do

We help people who are confused or overwhelmed with all the conflicting rules and information about nutrition and exercise to sort it out so they can find a lasting, realistic plan that works in their unique lives.

We help dieters who are tired of the repeated cycles of weight loss and regain to find peace with food, activity, and themselves so they can improve health and weight.

We help new and experienced cooks with building their culinary nutrition skills and meal planning & prepping strategies so they can make delicious and nutrition-rich food more easily.

We help adults with – or at risk for – chronic lifestyle diseases to find realistic and enjoyable ways to approach lifestyle changes so they can reduce their risk for chronic diseases and live a healthier life.

How We Do It

We break a lot of food rules and challenge the traditional advice. Our goal is for you to find peace within yourself about yourself – and improve your health and weight as you go. As Health & Nutrition Experts, we combine the science of nutrition, exercise, and health management with coaching techniques to help you bring nutrition-rich, flavorful food to your table AND meet your health goals.

We promote a both non-diet and reverse-dieting approaches. We believe some people find their inner Health Rock-Star with a more relaxed and gentle approach to food and activity without rules, stress, or good food/bad food guilt. Other people do well with a more structured plan focused on feeding your body instead of starving it.

Our programs are designed to move you to better health by building your skills and knowledge, working with you to find the best approaches for your lifestyle and preferences, and discovering real-life, flexible, and long-term solutions that fit into the craziness of your unique life.

Finding peace with food, exercise, and your body is our goal for all of our clients. We embrace body diversity and self-confidence because health comes in many shapes and sizes and approaches to health are not one-size-fits-all. We coach in a safe, effective, and empowering way that fosters a good relationship with food, activity, and one’s body.

Poke around our site to learn more about us and see what our clients have to say!

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