At NEW Motivation Coaching, our purpose is to help adults improve their health and reach and maintain their personal most healthful weight. We work with those who wish to have a more relaxed relationship with diet and exercise as well as those with health conditions that can be affected by food and activity. We only staff certified and licensed health professionals who coach in a safe, effective, and empowering way that fosters a good relationship with food, activity, and one’s body.

Why choose NEW Motivation Coaching?

All of our programs are designed by health professionals licensed to practice in the State of Florida. Licensure is put in place to protect the public so you can be assured that our health coaches have completed accredited educational programs, had hands-on competency-based internships, and have passed national registration and/or certification exams.

You wouldn’t hire a non-licensed building contractor or go to a non-licensed hair stylist.. why trust your most prized possession – your health and welfare – to a non-licensed person?!

What We Offer

We  are currently offering Group Healthy Weight Challenges; Hands-On Workshops; and Educational Presentations that are focused on nutrition, exercise, and wellness.

All our programs are focused on achieving and maintaining better health without rules, stress, or good food/bad food guilt. We do this by using a non-diet approach. Our programs are built on a foundation of making small, realistic changes that give you a more relaxed approach to food while also optimizing your health. We also believe in accepting your body regardless of its current size because health comes in many shapes and sizes.

We promise we won’t give you another diet plan or meal plan to follow (that doesn’t work for you anyway) or try to sell you any shakes, supplements, or any other products. This is health coaching, plain and simple, from people who are passionate about helping others find their path to health and wellness.