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We specialize in coaching adults to reach and maintain their personal best health through quality nutrition, enjoyable activity, and finding balance with health and wellness with a realistic, flexible, small-steps approach that fits into your lifestyle no matter how busy you are. As Food & Wellness Lifestyle Experts, we combine the science of nutrition, exercise, and health management with coaching techniques to help you bring nutrition-rich, flavorful food to your table AND meet your health goals!

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If you want different results, try a different approach

Our programs are designed to move you to better health by building your skills and knowledge, working with you to find the best approaches for your lifestyle and preferences, and discovering real-life, flexible, and long-term solutions. We promote a non-diet, weight-neutral approach and believe you will find a more relaxed and gentle approach to food and activity will help you achieve and maintain better health without rules, stress, or good food/bad food guilt. You may find that your weight may change when you focus on improving your health; but we don’t focus on that as a measure of progress because you are so much more than a number on the scale. We offer health-focused programs to help you improve your nutrition and activity, make it easier to shop for and prepare easy and delicious food, improve your labs and reduce your risk for – or manage – chronic diseases, and break free from weight-cycling and the diet culture.

Finding peace with food, exercise, and your body is our goal for all of our clients. We embrace body diversity and self-acceptance because health comes in many shapes and sizes and approaches to health are not one-size-fits-all. We coach in a safe, effective, and empowering way that fosters a good relationship with food, activity, and one’s body.

What We Offer

Check out our services – one-on-one coaching, the Your Healthy Life Group, workshops and classes, or our Redefining Healthy Book Club (coming soon!) – to find the best fit for your goals! Keep up with our events with our calendar below. Learn more about us and see what our clients have to say

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